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A good logo design is one of the most crucial aspects of a business's success. Why you might wonder? A logo goes a long way in giving your business a visual representation, a kind of reference that customers like to have to identify you. Even to the everyday viewer, it says a lot about who you are. Try this: just for a moment, visualize in your mind companies like Pepsi, Nike or Microsoft. Instantly the first thing that pops up as a means to identify them is the logo.

Apart from giving your business a distinct identity, logos also add a certain sense of professional touch. Often, prospective customers may be enticed to give your business a try, based on the visual appeal of the logo alone. As mentioned, it is a means of identification. Can you honestly recall a time when you visited a company's web page and decided not to do business with them, simply based on how bland the page layout or how dull the logo looked? Putting it in a very straightforward way, if you don't avoid branding mistakes, including online ones, you are potentially losing out on a lot of business. And you shouldn't have to. Ask yourself: "Does my logo identify the business properly and does it reach out to all prospective clients?".

What your storage business offers, the target market, customer preferences etc. all govern how you're going to go about designing the logo. Even with an existing logo, rebranding is necessary in some cases. Look at what these designs say about the company:

Why It Pays to Hire a Professional

The company's brand identity is something that sits at the pinnacle of your business's branding. Since a brand logo is a visual representation of what the business is, they are more than just a direct reflection of you. A great logo boosts the credibility of your business as well as adds class to it. A logo not done right may give the wrong impression to audiences. Furthermore, it can demonstrate a lack of seriousness and professionalism towards what you do. Briefly ponder over this: what first impression should your customers get upon gazing at your logo design? Here are some logo design tips to get you on track and fast.

Experiment Away

You may have noticed how restaurant logos for example, don't necessarily have food. Or interior design logos do not need to have furniture integrated in their design. Your first instinct might be what's relevant and that's exactly what you might want to do. But you really can do much better. The Audi or Mercedes-Benz logo is another example: it has nothing to do with cars, yet gives the automotive companies share a distinct identity that customers are quick to identify.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, all you need is the use of clever colors or a catchy tagline.

How Colors Give Way to Identity

Start out with a primary color, which is going to be your brand color tone or hue. Your brand color tone can have secondary or even tertiary color hues. However, the primary tone should be the most dominant tone that stands out on all your materials.

Design 101

Consistent design components come together when you're looking to make your storage company's marketing materials look and feel uniform. Symbols, page layouts, dividers, logo placement and borders all play a pivotal role.

Let's say your logo has a distinct shape or symbol. This symbol needs to be consistent throughout the design thread. As another example, suppose your logo sports a square or rectangular shape, naturally it's going to be tied into the rest of the marketing materials visually by using squares or rectangles rather than a circular shape. This effectively calls out key attributes present in the background or around borders.

You may have noticed this common approach not just in storage service logos but also technology logos. In your case, the visual impact of the brand should promote feelings of trust, reliability and security

abstract box logo for cold storage company
safety box with keyhole icon for self storage business logo
padlock icon for storage center logo

A Typeface that Compliments the Design

Generally, the primary font used in your storage service materials should also be used for your logo. After all, the corporate identity of your business should be present in your logo, including the typeface and color palette

To keep your brand consistent throughout, go with serif and sans serif type fonts as the primary ones. Again, the fonts should be a style that best compliments your corporate identity and brand image. A company that, for example, considers itself to be highly professional could go with a Helvetica font.

Notice how all these logos avoid using very flashy or stylish fonts. Rather, using more basic ones that convey feelings of trust and reliability.

Copywriting it Just Right

Communicating your brand message to consumers requires the use of phrases, words and particular style or tone. This ought to reflect your brand properly. Not only that, it reaches the intended audience.

A brand that promises a no-frills and fast service would design its logo quite differently than a high-end and relatively expensive one. A tagline, if you like, must have the right tone and language, according to the vision you wish to project.

For instance, a luxury diner will most likely not end up at McDonald's where the slogan says "I'm lovin' it" since it's fast and convenient food at a budget price. Subsequently, the same slogan may spell disaster for a 5 star restaurant. Taglines have the ability to draw in just the right kind of crowd, so give it careful thought.

Now that you have direction as what to do with your brand design, now comes the where. You can choose to customize your storage logo design according to your brand as you like - which is most recommended - or you get one from a logo design maker or a crowdsourcing website like ours. Regardless, you have to understand that the difference in a quality brand design can make or break your identity in the market.

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