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Contemporary logo for a large services holdings company

Ark Holdings, Inc.

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Project: Contemporary logo for a large ser ...
Industry: Consulting Logo
Contest Launched: Jan 19, 2016
Selected: 1 winning design from 590 concepts
Winning Design by: LogoXpert
Close Date: Mar 01, 2016

Contemporary logo for a large services holdings company - Consulting

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Creative Brief

Contemporary logo for a large services holdings company

Ark Holdings, Inc.


Ark Holdings, Inc., is a large holding company in Honolulu, Hawaii, that manages several interests including a matchmaking service, an English lesson provider, advice for female social skills, consulting for residence visa requirements, and more. Ark Holdings, Inc., aims to make Japanese women more socially appealing on an international level.
The primary clients are females in their late 20s to 40s and males in their mid-30s and 40s. However, ages for both genders range from mid-20s to 60s.
We are looking for an image that conveys sophistication, elegance, class, and trust with an international, modern, and contemporary feeling.
Key points to keep in mind for this design are:
1. Target is both male and female so the logo should not be too “cool”.
2. Direct expressions of love, such as a heart, should be avoided.
3. The font is an open choice, but it should not be difficult to read.


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Ark is the main part of the name.

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