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How to effectively market your business with an import/export logo

- Use it on your website

Having a website in this digital world of today is as important as having a great product to sell. Amidst the plethora of import/export companies, your logo must be distinguishable with best-suited colors and elements. The key is to place your import/export logo on the website for increased reach. Before conducting business with you, customers are likely to visit your website. If you haven't placed the same logo on your website and other collaterals, customers will not be able to distinguish you.

- Deploy the logo on hoardings

If you are opting for the mass marketing of your import/export business, the best way is to use the logo on billboards and hoardings. Hoardings tend to have a greater reach and attract more people than a simple banner would. People generally recognize your business when the logo has been positively hammered in their minds.

Placing your import/export company logo with your company's USP or offering is the best way to make your
name widespread.

- Logo on standees & banners

The key to becoming the leading import/export business is to attend special import and export fairs and publicize your company's logo on standees and banners so that your logo will be reinforced in the customer's mind. You can also use the logo as a theme to decorate the space for yourself in a tradeshow.

- Make the logo a part of your stationery design

Albeit traditional, stationery designs are very important in establishing credibility of an organization. You want to give a unified message with your logo and the best way to do that is to make the stationery design reflective of your import/export logo. Using the same color theme and same logo in the design can prove to be efficient in making your import/export business widely recognized.

- Try including motion logos

2018 marks as the era of animation. Including animated logos for your import/export business can help you set yourself apart from competitors and be easily remembered. With animated videos, you can easily project what you do, what your business offers, the message you intend to give or explain a complex product. Videos tend to stay in the viewer's mind and engages them.

Final thoughts

Import/export is a tricky business to market and create a logo for. Hire the best professional designer to design a reflective logo for you that makes your business name widely recognized.

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