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As an R&D or research and development firm, you must either be working individually or along with another parent company. Whichever the case, getting your organization's logo is something which you may have been forgetting about. This is unfortunate because though you may not realize it, not having a corporate identity is likely to kill your business in the long run. Because a logo is not just something that your clients identify with only but a logo is also a symbol which can be used to communicate your organizational goals and vision, it is crucial that you give it more attention.

Now because so much responsibility lies on the shoulders of this your research and development brand logo design, you have to consider hiring an experienced logo designer who knows the ins and outs of the process of brand design. The truth is that you can never really know what the impact of your logo is going to have. No matter how much thought you put into it, you can never find out exactly how much your firm's logo will be appreciated. However, what you can think about is how you can make a company symbol which will help set you apart from the crowd and help tell the world your brand's story. So even though you won't be designing your own logo, it is useful to know about some of the basic rules which will help you deciding whether or not you have a good logo.

Keep it Original

Though this should be an obvious rule, it isn't. When your expert designer is working on your logo, he should focus on your business vision and goals so the end result is independent, unique and original. Because your client's needs to recognize your research and development logo design without confusion, it shouldn't be similar to any other design in the industry. In a nutshell, the logo must be able to represent your company accurately so customers can connect to you instantly, and that won't happen if your designer is taking a lot of inspiration from your competitors' logo designs. Moreover, bear in mind that if you make the mistake of using such a logo, you may need to face legal repercussions because plagiarism is illegal.

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Make it Adaptable

Adaptability is not the same as versatility. Versatility is focused on functionality while adaptability is more concerned with the characteristics of the logo and its ability to be flexible throughout media platforms. For example, in this digital and online world, it is important that you make your research and development company available through social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a range of others. Now when you have pages on these websites, you may need to display your logo in varying shapes like a round circle, rectangle or square (as with Twitter and Facebook). So if your business logo is adaptable, it will be able to work nicely on all platforms.

Choose Classic Fonts

One of the reasons why it is important that you opt for an expert and seasoned designer is because they will know that though new and funky fonts may look cool, they don't work with research and development logo designs. If you really want your customers to take you and your business seriously, your design must incorporate typography which is simple, interesting but classic. The expert you hire will have huge collection of fonts at his disposal and he will use the typography which he thinks best suits your business. On the other hand, even if he isn't using the unique customized fonts by expert designers, he may incorporate handwritten or hand drawn typefaces which will be ideal for your brand and its logo. Remember that this is something which must not be ignored especially if you plan to add your company's name, initials or tagline along with a symbol in the logo.

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Focus on Professionalism

Symbols, colors and typography are elements of a logo and if you have made the decision to ask an expert to help you, he will make sure that he pays attention to all of them when designing your business logo. He will not only research about your business, its customers and its goals, but will also analyze the colors, images and fonts which are used in the industry. Because these designers have years of experience and skills, they will know exactly how your research and development logo design should be like. While amateur designers will deliver something unprofessional and unimpressive, these qualified specialists will bring a professional and influential logo on the table.

Make it Memorable

Though a logo is a big part of your business, it will only have a few seconds to have an impact on the viewer and become memorable. Most people only give the logo a 2-3 second glance and then walk away from it. However, if your research and development logo design has been designed by an expert, the viewer will not be able to forget the design even after turning away because there will be something that will make the symbol and typography memorable. One of the key things that you will help make your business image and identity memorable is simplicity. As long as you don't add too many things into it, it will be easier to remember.

So now that you have realized the importance of a professionally designed logo for your research and development business, you shouldn't think about buying pre-made symbols which are available online. Instead, what you should do is to find someone who understands your company and the services it offers and designs something which pays respect to what you do.'

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