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(EXPEDITE) Banner for Dayna Johnson

6ft Vertical Banner for Tradeshow

Contest Holder DaynaRaeJohnson

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Project: (EXPEDITE) Banner for Dayna Johnson
Industry: Consulting
Contest Launched: Jul 9, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 34 concepts
Winning Design by: Achiver
Close Date: Jul 13, 2014

(EXPEDITE) Banner for Dayna Johnson - Consulting

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6ft Vertical Banner for Tradeshow Marketing collateral  Draft # 17 by ts3d2d

Creative Brief

(EXPEDITE) Banner for Dayna Johnson

6ft Vertical Banner for Tradeshow

I write a blog called The Dentrix Office Manager and you can view it at www.thedentrixofficemangager.blogspot.com for more information. I also do a video blog called What Would Dayna Do? I would like a 6ft Vertical Banner I can use at tradeshows to promote these two items.


Dental tradeshows.

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  • July 10, 2014 8:06 PM
    avatar DaynaRaeJohnson
    Project Holder
    To all the designers . . . since my hair is white I think having a white background behind my head makes me looked washed out. I like where some of the designs used a dark grey or red background. The most important thing to promote in the banner is my blog and videos, not my name or company name. My name and company information can be moved to the bottom.

    #3 I really like how you put my logo in the background.
    #4 I really liked how you incorporated both the blog and video into one banner.
    #5 I really like the layout, very clean and simple. I love how you pulled the tag line from my blog, but it needs to blog address.
    #16 Your designs have the best image clarity of all of them, I like your choice to put the dark gray background. It needs the blog info at the top.

    Thank you,

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  • July 9, 2014 12:52 PM
    avatar DaynaRaeJohnson
    Project Holder
    I am looking for a 6 ft vertical banner to use at dental tradeshows to promote the two publications I write. You can check out my blog at www.thedentrixofficemanager.blogspot.com and my website at www.raedentalmanagement.com and look at the What Would Dayna Do section on the home page in the lower left section. This is a video blog I do for a dental publication. Please match up the color scheme, design and logo when building the banner.

    Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing the designs.

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