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Marketing collateral/ Flyers

Ascension Analytics Group

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Ascension Analytics Group Marketing collateral  Draft # 18 by xbrush

Creative Brief

Marketing collateral/ Flyers

Ascension Analytics Group

Professional Analytics and Statistical Business Services


Data comes in many forms and may be gathered from many sources. Ascension Analytics’ primary focus is to provide business intelligence to small and medium-sized businesses who may not be large enough to fully deploy a full-time analytics team. We are limited only by the amount of data available. Whether your business already collects large amounts of data, or your data requires supplemental additions from outside sources, Ascension Analytics group is ready to help.

Below are just a sampling of the types of solutions our team can provide.

Business Forecasting
The future is full of uncertainty but economic forecasting provides the most intelligent insights into what lies ahead for your business.

Forensic Analytics
Ascension analytics group offers this service as a check upyour in-house analytics team for an additional level of quality control

Demand Modeling
Discover the unique demographic factors behind the demand for your business

Site Planning and Location Decision
When considering expansion, which potential sites will be the most efficient and profitable? Which locations for a new production facility provide the best mix of employee pool and access to suppliers?

Data Acquisition
Not sure how to gather and consolidate meaningful data about your company? Allow us help.

Web Analytics
Your business has a website but are you properly utilizing the customer data it generates?

Which ad words optimize website traffic?
Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Data from Unstructured, Social Media Sources
Ascension Analytics has extensive experience gathering meaningful data from unstructured sources such as Twitter, Instagram and Yelp to help you better understand what is most important to your customers

• Appropriate staffing levels –
• Does a doubling in business output require a doubling in staffing levels?

• Screening of potential hires –
• Which characteristics of new hires have led to attendance and tardiness problems or to lifelong career candidates?

• New Product Launches –
• What is the likely market potential for a product with certain characteristics?

• Abandoning a poorly performing project –
• When is a project not covering its operating costs? When could the assets be better deployed elsewhere?

• Automation Decisions –
• Is the technology sufficiently developed that automation is cost effective?

• Workplace Safety Analysis –
• Is a safety monitoring program actually making the workplace safer? Does it reduce insurance costs?



Need an edible format for fine tuning of changing services

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