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Modern / Trendy TShirt Design To Spread Awareness Of GOD's Love For Us

Live for LOVE. Follow by FAITH.

Contest Holder GreenGotYa

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Project: Modern / Trendy TShirt Design To Spread Awareness Of GOD's Love For Us
Contest Launched: Aug 29, 2015
Selected: 2 winning design from 77 concepts
Winning Design by: LogoSmith2
Close Date: Sep 12, 2015

Modern / Trendy TShirt Design To Spread Awareness Of GOD's Love For Us - Religion and Spirituality

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Live for LOVE. Follow by FAITH. Other  Draft # 68 by rudyy

Creative Brief

Modern / Trendy TShirt Design To Spread Awareness Of GOD's Love For Us

Live for LOVE. Follow by FAITH.

Checkout what somebody sent me. I like the direction this is headed... link below. Copy and paste in browser to see.


I also imagine an Archangel in battle with the cross behind it and different font styling and different symbols on the cross. Great start tho!

NOTW "not of this world" is a brand who made it big with their design you probably seen this around.. I like that they didn't exactly put a cross up but if you look hard enough, you'll see it. I don;t want to copy them. I want something original, so for me to send you links of what I like would be backpeddling.

Live for LOVE. Follow by FAITH <--- will be shirt 1. It needs to have a brand symbol / logo embedded in the styled words I don't know what exactly that is but if you make it and it''s meant to be, I will know.

it needs to be modern, edgy, I am tattooed so a tattoo styling sounds about right. I want to appeal to the bad guys who are attracted to the shirt and then see the positive message and maybe question some of the choices they are making in life.

This is all I can really say for now. I really would like to see what you come up with Mr. Rudy. Maybe take 5-10 minutes and research some successful ideas like mine and instead of branch off them, let's create a new tree.
I have felt compelled for weeks now to make a t-shirt if not t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops etc... that spread a positive message about Jesus Christ. GOD, Faith & Truth and really have no idea what I can describe except if I see it, I'll know. I ask you believers who follow Christ to please pray on his aid with your art and deliver me what I have been compelled to produce. I am fully tattooed and have turned from most sins in my life. My main chest piece says Ru$$ian Roulette because I am fully Russian American and used to live a crazy whirlwind of a life. I also had a Guns & Gold hat line that was grabbing only the wrong attention. I imagine something I could wear since I meet people all the time being a Digital Marketer and running 3 businesses who would see this shirt "YOU" whoever you are will make and it become awesome to look at first, engage the people in conversation "possibilities to minister" and overall just spread some LOVE around instead of this same old secular garbage. Let's be original yet spread the good ol' gospel one shirt at a time. Not From This World has theirs and I want something for me. I ask alot, but with our LORD, all things are possible. I thank YOU in advance, whoever you are. I intend to be a small to medium blessing to others and it will partly be because of how amazing you are. Thank you everybody!

Religion and Spirituality

Personal, Everybody Who Sees It & Needed To See It Or Meet Me Me. Positive Impacts!

Don't think just about the $$ and pray on this so it will be anointed yet somehow trendy and not boring. Eye catching and feel awesome wearing it.

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  • September 4, 2015 3:41 AM
    avatar GreenGotYa
    Project Holder
    Almost there everybody. One last push effort to the finish line and I will select the winner. Please make sure you update my requests if I sent you any.. if your still up at this point, then it's still a fair game. If your not at 5 stars.. there is something that needs to be changed. I look forward to your final submissions. Good luck and GOD bless!

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  • September 2, 2015 4:30 AM
    avatar GreenGotYa
    Project Holder
    Come on guys. We're getting close but I need your best so I can spread the word. Please help!

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