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Responsive website for a new employee assessment business

Global Peak Solutions, LLC

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Project: Responsive website for a new empl ...
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Contest Launched: Jul 15, 2014
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Responsive website for a new employee assessment business - Consulting

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Responsive website for a new employee assessment business

Global Peak Solutions, LLC


Our company provides business owners, executives and managers valuable information to help them make better people decisions. Our primary means of providing this information is through a comprehensive suite of employee assessment products across the employee life cycle that help clients select, manage and retain talent. Company tagline is: Assess People, Predict Performance. Our employee assessment products fall into the following 3 categories: - Assessments for Hiring Talent - Assessments for Developing Talent - Assessments for Retaining Talent Please view our 3 minute overview video to get a sense of who we are: Overview Video – Global Peak Solutions Our employee assessment solutions provide our clients with information about their current employees and the people they want or are considering to hire. Each of our assessments also provides multiple reports that our clients can use throughout the employee lifecycle. Clients will use our products to support hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360-degree feedback, coaching, management and leadership development, call center effectiveness, training, improving customer service, and other employee opportunities. Our employee assessment solutions can help clients screen-out unsuitable candidates, match others with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities, understand the strengths and limitations of successful onboarding, identify opportunities to enhance performance, and maximize employees long-term contributions to the organization. Assessment products can also be easily customized to address our client’s most pressing needs or concerns. Our business personality is competent, modern, & friendly...driven by developing long lasting client relationships as opposed to one time customer transactions. My website is a B2B website. My ideal "sweet spot" client company employees approximately 200-300 employees, although my secondary products and service market will include companies above 200-300 employees to include select Fortune 500 companies. Target client roles within these companies include: - Business Leaders - CEO's, Presidents, and General Managers - Small & Mid-sized business owners - Functional Leaders - CFOs, CIO, Sales/Marketing leaders, HR leaders - Functional Specialists - Recruiting, Learning & Development, OD - 1st and 2nd line managers Our products and services can be used effectively across all industries, but if I had to pick the top 5 or 6 "target" industries or type of businesses that match extremely well to our products/services I'd say retail/consumer products, healthcare/human services, direct/outside sales (*e.g. car dealers, medical equipment sales, telemarketing, etc.), customer service call centers, hospitality, and banking.

Likes: Clean modern design with good white space balance, bold color, simple navigation, engaging call-to-action buttons/content, visually stunning/high definition. Dislikes: Too much competing copy, animation, or colors on page, copy text too small to read easily


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above header

Here’s the deal: This website project is my 2nd attempt at having a 10 page fully responsive site developed following an extremely frustrating experience with an incompetent 3rd party design organization. I went back-n-forth with them over a 5-month period which recently resulted in me just walking away from the project, losing my entire investment and exploring alternatives. The primary issues I had was a complete lack of creativity, poor technical web design skills, no attention to detail, substandard interior page layout/design, and the inability to follow simple client instructions or requirements no matter how detailed. The following link will allow you to view the 3rd party test site: That’s the bad news. The good news is a significant amount of reusable work has already been done on this site to include company logo, creation of a decent homepage .psd file, basic wireframes, site navigation structure, image/graphic files, embed video links, final site copy/instructions, and site title tags. So, what I’m looking for is a creative and skilled designer who can fix & complete or redesign my site so it meets my needs and expectations. I can provide very specific detail regarding things I do not like or need improved when compared to test site work, but I do expect designers to exercise his/her creative skills to ensure an improved site is developed. I am very happy with the final site copy, but in need of suggestions/recommendations regarding page layouts, cosmetic features, font style/size, video sizing/position, etc…even if it is significantly different from test site/final copy requirements. In other words, if you review the test site and supporting work and your first thought is “that’s not what I would have done…or…that sucks (*smile)…or I can design something that looks much better than that!”…then I am completely open to those alternatives. The overall goal for my website is to attract prospective clients. The image I want the site to convey is: competent, trustworthy, client focused (*how we can help you), yet “not stuck up” – easy to deal with. The site should immediately engage the visitor, compel them to stick around, generate interest (*introduce customer need - we can help , and respond to a call to action (CTA) - request additional information - request to participate in a risk free demonstration - refer a colleagues or business they feel could benefit from our products and services. Impression wise, I want the website (*homepage in particular) the pass the "blink test"...where in 3 - 5 seconds, they can view the site and know - who the company is, what we do, and a reason to click on the introductory/overview video or primary CTA.

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