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Land Surveying Company Logo - Questions to Ask Before starting a design

When it comes to designing a logo for your land surveying company, it is important to select a graphic designer who has worked in your specific industry. This helps him come up with designs that are more suitable and specific to your industry instead of creating something vague. But how do you know which designer is best for your company? Communication is the key to picking the best person for the job. You have to be clear about what you want and how they are going to handle the whole process before the job is started.

To help make things easier for you, here are some basic questions compiled that you should ask yourself before awarding a job.

What do you think makes a good logo?

The answer completely depends on your perception of the business and brand image. A logo design that you love might not make a mark on someone else. It is not always necessary for a logo to be technically well-designed. High visibility or a rare element that can associate the design to the brand in consumers' mind is what counts the most.

The more unique an element is, the more it will stick in the mind of the audience. For your land surveying company, the identity design should not only be well-designed but it should also act as a visual calling card, representing clearly what service your business has to offer. Apart from being visually compelling and engaging the logo should also have versatility, allowing it to be used in different situations.

What makes a good designer?

After you are clear about the design, you need to consider what you are looking for in a designer. The way a designer can think and visualize concepts matter the most as logo designing is all about coming up with the best solution for a puzzle that is presented to them. They have to pick the right type of designs for your company, using one or a combination of different logo styles. Most designers make a habit of sticking to their signature style. While this can be good for them as a branding strategy, it might end up hurting your brand message by not being a true representative of your services.

They should be able to communicate their ideas and concepts to you clearly after they get a design brief from you. The ability to come up quickly with several solutions to your problem is another skill you should value. Moreover, having a command over typography is also important for professional designers. Understanding the meanings and importance of appropriate typefaces is important and can essentially make or break a logo for your land surveying company.

What essential information should be provided to the designers?

Before a designer starts working on your logo, it is important to have a formal meeting where information can be exchanged. You should explain the person as much as you can about your business. Who are you right now? What do you want to be in future? Where have you been in the past and where are you headed in the coming times? Who are your competitors? Who is your audience? How and where do you plan to use your logo? What is your budget? Is there any specific message you want to communicate? What are your previous branding activities? Do you have your own brand colors and symbols already? Even though it all sounds overwhelming, and you might not be willing to provide all this information, you should offer as much as you can.

Should you look at concepts first?

Yes! Before the entire design is completed, it is better to ask the designer for multiple rough sketches of their ideas. This way, if you don't like what you will be getting, you can put a stop to it before the complete work is done. If you and the designer can't reach a point where you can find a mutually liked solution, you can end your relationship before you get robbed from sketchy designer.. This saves both the parties from wasting time and money, and getting unsatisfactory results. If you are completely satisfied with the sketches, you can get the designs completed and have your land surveying company logo ready to be used as the identity design of your business.

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