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Starting a new business almost always entails a lengthy to-do list. The action plan revolves around your business strategy. Tasks must be accomplished according to a priority scale and you need to be ready to encounter any challenges along the way.

When coming up with a fresh logo graphic design for your business, you have room to play around with a couple of options. The question is,'how do you want to use it and where is it going to be displayed?' Now you've got one more crucial item to add to your to-do list. How do you keep this unique aspect from getting mixed up with the other components?

Maybe you're looking to make an entry with a bang. Read on to find out interesting ways of making your logo stand out.

What's in a Corporate Identity?

The strength of any hosting and hospitality business brand revolves around its corporate identity. You need to have a strong presence among your competitors. A corporate identity is generally based on elements like the logo design or graphic art, slogans, colors, imagery and fonts. It's how your advertising copy is perceived by customers and prospects. Mix the right style of imagery and design with just the right words, and you've got a solid corporate identity on your hands.

Let's shed some light on tips to kick start your visual brand identity.

1. Keep it Steady and Consistent

Irrespective of the size or scope of your hosting and hospitality business, you must make sure your corporate identity is consistent throughout all marketing mediums. This includes print, the internet and social media, and any audio or visual productions. The end-goal is to keep your brand undiluted and distinct.

In most cases, smart companies hire graphic designers with established track records to work on their corporate identities.

When you leave it up to an expert to deliver the goods, your brand is sure to stand out and appear stronger and more appealing. Details that may seem minor at first like fonts, color schemes or brand messaging, are all key components that require special attention.

circle hospitality logo design contest
illustrative farmhouse logo for bed and breakfast
leaves and house logo for hospitality logo

2. Getting the Right "Click"

A great design is no doubt one that clicks right away with your brand identity. This defines your brand. It also functions as a striking piece of art that is constantly in the minds of your customers, thanks to its visual appeal. With your competitors simply not willing to settle for second best, you have a small window to use your graphical representation to make just the right impression, and a lasting one.

A great brand identity is always memorable, professional and has the ability to easily integrate with your sales tools. Furthermore, a successful design goes perfectly with all mediums from posters and business cards to t-shirts and website designs

3. Design Aesthetics

A crafty brand design always reads well on corporate letterheads like faxes, checks and business forms, including other platforms that allow only unicolor. Always avoid very flashy or over drawn art and designs as these can often create a disconnection with your business. Customers should be easily able to identify and remember it.

The most memorable logos are easily recognizable and retained in people's minds, much like the ones used by Fortune 500 companies.

sleeping bear with moon and river inn logo
leaf over letter A hotel motel logo
circle with palm trees and tent logo
tree logo for boutique hotel lodges

4. Highlight Your Industry

Always go with a design that best compliments the industry you're in. Keep specific characteristics in mind. For example, is your hospitality or hosting service centered towards catering or web hosting? Are you a hotel owner or an expert in supplying vendors? It's essentially a broad spectrum that runs from service-oriented logos on one end to high-tech designs on the other, and business to business logos somewhere in the middle.

High-tech art and design concepts have hard lines and angular geometric symbols, with a generous dose of dynamism and these are successful in getting the message across to its audience that the business is full of innovation and creativity.

Service-centered logo designs sport smooth and friendly organic shapes with more personality and character so you have a look that's comfortable and easily identifiable.

Business to business brand identities blend elements from each end of the spectrum. So what you have is a logo with personality, which is both dynamic and trustworthy.

Here are some more generic examples:

bathtub hotel logo
abstract fish hotel logo
plant and house resort logo

5. Making Your Voice Heard

As soon as your new logo comes into being, go right ahead and announce it through print and electronic media. Newspapers, banner, billboards and brochures work well. However, living in this day and age, social networking is most likely the quickest way to make people aware. You will certainly be the talk of the town and people will be able to identify your business a lot faster.

Even if you have a great hospitality and hosting logo in place, the need to expand it is not something you can afford to put off for too long. Having a strong online presence can work wonders. Create a Facebook fan page, while adding improvements to your webpage. In case one doesn't exist, create a website that introduces your products. The more "Likes" you have on your fan page, the better you'll be known. Before you know it, you would have won over several hundred to maybe thousands or more customers.

Throughout these marketing processes, the importance of your logo comes in every time because customers are quick to remember your business and speak of you positively. To ensure you're putting together the best elements according to your business vision, hire the help of a logo designer who understands how crucial it is to project your business as unique.

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