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8 Travel Service Website Brand Identity Inspiration

Travel services are not just about physical presence anymore. Travel websites are on a rise and they're looking stunning! So let's take a look at 8 well-known travel service websites and see how you can use them to tweak up your travel service logos.


TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest travel sites which lets travellers plan their trips with ease. It provides reviews of hotels, flights and vacations rentals. The owl in the graphic is a very fun icon which also represents wisdom and knowledge at the same time. The googly eyes are what give the logo a quirky quality making it stand out amongst the rest. One more admirable quality in the logo is how the eyes tend to look like a binocular if inspected closely. This gives the logo another subtle link with travelling. You can add a fun element like the owl to give your identity a unique appearance.


Brimming with color, this website claims to have visited every single hotel on the site, and taken every photo themselves so that you can have a surprise-free stay in the hotel of your choice. This website is one of our favorites because of its colorful banners and designs. Travelling is all about fun and the website absolutely projects this feature of exploring. The logo is simple but cleverly employs the use of three colors to help it fit in on the vibrant website. We suggest you use some fun colors in your travel service brand to create a vibrant identity.


Using multiple colors in is not the only way to go. The Adioso website proves that less is more in terms of color. The only prominent color on this website is orange and it still manages to look good. The concept behind this website is rather complicated - it is a new kind of travel search app that is built to work the way humans think about travel - which brings up the need for a simpler website. When creating travel related brand identity, you need to consider the nature of your company before deciding the grounds for an identity.


Another very smart thing to do is to use elements and designs which embody exactly what your company's name is. Skyscanner is a website which provides flight comparison so that you can book a flight which suits your budget. There are two things we love about this logo. The first thing is how accurately the cloud and scanning circles represent the name of the service. The second is the adaptability of the logo by simply changing the color. Skyscanner also lets you compare the prices of major hotels and transport services and the logo is used with different colors to represent these categories. Think broadly like the creators of this brand to get a logo design which will wow your clients.

The Hotel Guru

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. There is no hard and fast rule that travel service companies need to use bright colors and bold fonts in their emblem design. As mentioned earlier, the nature of your service and name plays a very vital role in establishing the look for your logo. The Hotel Guru - more of a serious website which provides hotel reviews from experts - uses a serious color and elegant font in its logo. If you feel that yours should have a serious feel, then by all means go ahead and establish that with your logo design. Just make sure that the font is not too simple and is able to give your logo a unique identity.

The Everywhereist

Okay, so The Everywhereist is not really a travel service website but a blog which talks about a woman's personal experiences while travelling. We feel this blog deserves a place here because of its logo design. We love the use of the check-in symbol and we also love how the logo color defines that the blog belongs to a woman. The use of the check-in symbol is a very creative way to give their logo some life, don't you think?


Weather2travel is a unique service which lets you see detailed information about the weather on more than 4,000 destinations so that you can make an informed decision about your holiday plan. This logo may have a lot of text in it, but the good thing about it is that it tells exactly what the website is about. We would suggest that you should take some inspiration from the symbol of the sun and name of the website, but do try to avoid using too much text in your travel service logo so that they look more pleasing to the eye.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

When you look at the logo for SLH, the first impression you get is that of the luxury. This logo is an embodiment of a perfect logo - gives the exact message of the brand in just one glance. Comprising over 520 hotels in more than 70 countries, the purpose of this website is to inform individuals about the world's finest small independent hotels. The defining part of the logo is brought out by using a luxurious font and gold color.

Give your logo identities some serious thought and try to create impactful logos through relevant fonts and colors. You can find plenty of inspirations from the above and below travel service logos.

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