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two swoosh circle with letter U L M E logo for utility company
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utility company logo design with water droplet and gear
flowing river swoosh circle water utility company logo

Types of Utilities Company and Best Logo Designs for Them

There are five major types of utility services: Coal, Electricity, Natural Gas, Water and Sewerage. The logo conception for each, therefore, is different and variable.

Water Utility

Wherever there is mention of water, a blue color is what is going to come to mind at once. And it is quite true; because majority of water utility companies around us employ this mainstream technique. Simplicity in color usage was and will, remain the key to a logo's ultimate success because with a clarity in design comes easy commitment to memory. For a water utility company, a design that shows for instance, a zoomed-in drop of water in a color that expresses coolness, calm and serenity is a sensible approach.

A technique called Custom Lettering is catching fire rapidly in the present market of designing. In this art, designers create custom typeface after consulting with the choices of the company owners. In order to give your logo a palpable touch of your individual identity, you can purchase the custom lettering technique and select or develop a font of your own choice. This particular method makes sure a logo design is not even slightly similar to oppositions', because a customized typography is only going to speak your own kind of language.

Power Utility

Power utility encompasses quite a few utilities, yet mainly we consider electricity generation, production and sale under the term of power utilities. Power Utility companies have the advantage to incorporate elements of their own choice, for they are not restricted to a certain utility being represented by a single icon, as was the case in water utility companies. Often designers opt to ignore adding in signature icons/symbols for the said utility and choose to fashion it according to their company's name. Similarly, the color usage is also selected freely enough - yet in order to remain relevant, power utility companies rather go for orange, dark brown and generally darker shades. Through this, designers believe that it makes it easier for the audiences to relate to the utility under topic.

Other Utilities

Look at it closely. It involves a number of imagery and graphics while utilizing just two basic colors. First of all, the color usage of blue and red is a clever way of evoking loyalty and trust within target audience because at the end of the day, all of these utility sectors are struggling to provide best utilities to the people of their own country. This calls for public spirit, and designers that employ the technique of connecting with the nationalism in their logo designs often succeed in the market.

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