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flat logo design with five point star lightning shield for government organization
winged eagle line art police badge logo design
logo design for government district 5 map scale of law inside circle
four stars eagle inside shield logo for government institution

U.S Government Agency Logos and What Do They Speak


2. United States Department of Transportation

We must call it an intriguing logo design due to its multiple geometry usage, plus the waviness symbolizing movement or transport. The circular outward shape is quite common in agency logos as they signify harmony and inclusiveness. US Department of Transportation, however, involve primarily two shapes, circle and triangle. The triangle is what gives the logo its originality as the designer has "moved" the triangular shape with extra measure, clearly promoting fluidity and movement.

3. The Library of Congress

4. Environmental Protection Agency

5. Federal Communications Commission

The agency looks after the media services of the States, double checking transmissions and limits. Its logo is as plain as it can get, but that has contributed to the agency's success story instead of hampering it. The expanding circles that involve wave-like inclusive circles within clearly communicate the realm of the agency itself. Whereas, a simple black color for thick and bold typography becomes instrumental in conveying its message.

6. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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