How To Fix Handyman Logos Easily

By Aamina Suleman , Sep 30 2021
Handyman Logos

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If you’re looking for customers to avail your handyman services then you should think about getting your unique brand identity. In this day and age, when there are hundreds of handyman businesses operating, you must have a handyman logo design for your startup or small business.

Know that a logo design is the face of any business. It is an asset that represents the company, so it is important to get it professionally made. There are many ways, however, that you can create your handyman logo.

If you already have one but are not satisfied with the appearance of your brand, you can also have professional designers fix your handyman logo design. A few touch-ups can go a long way. Here the aim should be to redesign the logo in a way that it remains recognizable yet echoes modernity.

Services Handyman Business Provides

Know that a handyman business provides a variety of services. When designing a logo, make sure the niche is clear.

Plumbing Logos

Handyman Logo 1

Handyman Logo 2

Handyman Logo 3

Roofing Logos

Handyman Logo 4

Handyman Logo 5

Handyman Logo 6

Painter Logos

Handyman Logo 7

Handyman Logo 8

Handyman Logo 9

Electrician Logos

Handyman Logo 10

Handyman Logo 11
Handyman Logo 28

Flooring Logos

Handyman Logo 12

Handyman Logo 13

Handyman Logo 14

Masonry Logos

Handyman Logo 15

Handyman Logo 16

Handyman Logo 17

Gardening And Landscaping Logos

Handyman Logo 18

Handyman Logo 19

Handyman Logo 20

Challenges In Creating A Handyman Logo

We understand how it is not always easy to create a business logo. Here are a few challenges businesses providing handyman services may face.

Handyman Startup Challenges

Once an entrepreneur is done with the name of the startup, the main challenge is how to go about making a logo design for the company. The fear of stepping into the process of brand identity design sure seems overwhelming to many business owners, especially if they are unaware of how it is done.

Handyman Business Logo Plumber logos Landscaping logo

You are of course also concerned about how much to invest in the logo. If you lack funds, going for something cheaper seems appropriate but not all options that come under fifty dollars are worth the effort. Although, sometimes you can get something to start off with and then later polish it.

As a handyman startup, you have to make sure you start off with an identity that symbolizes your business. Don’t overdo it though. However, make sure you also don’t just write the name of the business in a simple font and call it a logo unless your business name has reached the level where the name is enough for customers to figure out what your operations entail.

Handyman Small Business Challenges

When it comes to small businesses, some part of visual identity design already exists but it is possible that what already is there, isn’t enough. For example, there is a small business owner who runs a handyman services app. She has a logo design for the app icon but she got it made many years ago. So she would like to redesign the logo so that it meets the design trends of this modern world.

The reason to redesign your logo can be many but know that if your identity lacks the look and shine it needs to make your brand image successful then don’t delay the task. The more you push it further, the more your business will suffer because believe it or not, the look of your logo sets your brand’s tone.

For this, it is important to know how to hire the right logo designer to remake your existing logo. It may seem like an easy thing but it isn’t. The designer needs to make sure that he changes it just enough and just right.

How To Make A Logo For Your Handyman Business

To create a logo design for any business niche, one needs to consider three things.

What Should Be The Type of Logo design?

There are many different types of logos, some more appropriate for some industries than others.

Handyman logos can be either pictorial or symbolic. A pictorial logo uses images to tell the story of the company and what they do. Symbolic logos use shapes or colors that represent the company’s services and values.

It’s important that your new logo shows professionalism and reliability; otherwise, people will not trust you as a professional service provider.

Handyman Logo 21

Handyman Logo 22

Handyman Logo 23

Handyman Logo 24
Image Source: Behance/Glenn Generaux

What Imagery Should We Show In The Logo?

You will find that different logos incorporate different imagery. You may find a logo that includes hand tools in its design or a logo that has a woman holding the tools.

When designing your logo, it may be best to use something related to your company in order to make it more memorable and distinctive.

It might be helpful for you to think about what makes your business stand out from others in the industry. Is there any imagery or symbolism that is very recognizably unique?

Handyman Logo 25

Handyman Logo 26

Handyman Logo 27

How Should The Logo Design Look?

Logo design is the key thing that distinguishes a company from its competitors. It also has to be practical because it will be used on stationery, letterheads, business cards, and other promotional materials.

The logo should have a color scheme that is recognizable even without any text accompanying it. The colors have to contrast so they are easily understandable for the viewer. The logo should be simple enough so it does not distract or confuse whoever sees it.

Electrician logo Property management logo Home maintenance logo

Apart from this, the look of your logo also depends if you’re interested in using any of the logo design trends.

Tips to Fix Handyman Logos For Less

Logos are important for any company. They are often the first impression that customers get of your company, product, or service. For many, this is what makes or breaks their decision to buy from you. But with logos, there is more than meets the eye.

A logo can be made with anything from elaborate vector graphics to simple shapes, so it is important to know the best practices when designing them in order to make sure that you are creating something that will stand out and grab attention.

You can find a lot of tutorials and guides on logo design. But, how do you design the logo for a handyman company? Just follow these five quick tips to fix handyman logos for less.

get a perfect logo design

  • Do the research yourself instead of hiring someone to think for you. It is your business after all so invest your efforts in creating an attractive and memorable brand. The research includes the following:
    • Brainstorm a list of words that relate to your business. Think along the lines of “fix”, “repair”, restore”, “home improvement”, “fix things”. Also think of words related to the kind of service you will provide. For example, words like “timely service”, “appointment at your convenience”, “quality service”, “professional-grade services”. Such a list will help a logo designer design a befitting logo for your business.
    • Learn about the design market so that when people are selling you something mediocre for a high price, you know you’re being tricked. Also, know that a $5 logo will be different from a $50 or $200 logo. Make sure you get a quality logo design.
  • Another way to save money is to not print your logo design. Get a responsive website design or a mobile application and keep the logo digital. Printing a full-colored logo will cost you if you share it in magazines, newspapers, or on a panaflex. If you can afford it then traditional means of marketing are still very effective but digitizing the logo is cheaper.
  • If your business requires you to print the logo then think about the colors used in the logo. If you’re too low on cash, get a black and white logo design made. It is also better to print your logo design in bulk rather than one at a time. When printing in bulk, printing companies often offer a discount.
  • If you’re not willing to spend more than let’s say $199 then make sure that you don’t spend extra on premium typefaces, for example. Try to simplify your logo design without spending cash on expensive embellishments.

If you want to make a handyman logo or fix it then start today. Don’t wait to begin the logo design process. Once you’re in it, keep yourself informed about things so you have a professional design for your brand logo.

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