Branding Essentials And Design Trends For In-Demand Business Models

By Aamina Suleman , Feb 18 2020

Businesses are of all sorts and sizes, and what truly sets them apart is their respective branding. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can have a pretty good idea about what the business is about by just looking at its branding. No matter how much you try to pull me away from this idea, it is true; and you need to make sure that your business has a befitting and professional branding that helps your target customers and clients distinguish and remember you.

Let us first explore the types of business models and then study how each can have a befitting branding essential that works best with their nature.

Business Model Branding

The kinds of business models have evolved, especially because of digitalization and globalization. We’ve transitioned from conventional methods of trading products and services to embrace a realm of innovation through Maverick Trading, exploring novel and intriguing approaches to conducting business. As you explore these innovative business models, considering insights from a comprehensive profitable trading review at the end of your research, can provide valuable perspectives.


A solopreneurs is one who decides to carry out all business operations by herself or himself. They are solely responsible for raising funds for the business, investing money in it, running and marketing it, and reaping all the benefits.

For such people, the solopreneur business model is smaller in size because they tend to keep the company or brand as big as they can handle.

Branding You Need: Business Card Design

Budget: Starts at $99

  • Print business card
  • Digital business card

For a person responsible solely for his or her business, the key to success lies in building professional ties and having business-to-business communications in the digital and the physical world.

Business Logos
Marketing Firm Logo
Blog Logos
Ecommerce Logos
Consulting Firm Logos

There is math that goes into designing a custom business card design for your personal branding and business branding. Many times, the name of the company is eponymous with the person who owns it. A visiting card includes the most important information about yourself and your business such as the corporate logo, personal name, contact information (email, social media handles, phone number, and address).

Business Card Design Tips:


  • Use new design trends and printing techniques
  • Add your logo design to brand your business card


  • Don’t write too much text on the 3.5 by 2 inch card
  • Avoid using more than one typeface for the text

Business Card Trends:

  • Make business cards using trends like augmented reality, holographic technology, credit punching, and QR codes.
  • Customized visiting card design and printing made to suit the personality of the person or business – focus on card cut out, paper texture and letter pressing, and die cutting.
  • Use trendy design techniques for a unique graphic effect like gradient, overlay, hologram, and photographic.

Business Card Inspirations:

There is no end to the way you can design, print and cut out a business card. The idea is to make it creative and readable. People should keep your card for future reference.

Business Card 1
Image Source:

Business Card 2
Image Source:

Business Card 3
Image Source:

Business Card 4
Image Source:

Pop-Up Stores

These shops are physical as they are built in an architectural structure that is touchable and requires customers to bring themselves to the place, browse and pick items before paying at the point of purchase.

Such business models require on-ground branding activities targeted more at the local market it is situated in. For a pop-up shop, one should consider using any graphic accessory that helps it attract customers.

Branding You Need: Logo Design

Budget: $199 and above

A unique logo design with a distinguished style will help customers identify such businesses from their competitors who might be situated on the same street. The front of the store is a great opportunity to paste the customized logo, whereby it is visible to people in vehicles and on foot.

This brand logo can be placed in a number of places on the storefront. For example, on top of the store, as a window or door signage, or on a sign pole next to the store.

The usability of a logo is such that it can be used on shopping bags, product tags, and payment receipts. This piece of graphic art is versatile and handy for pop up stores belonging to any industry from a restaurant brand to fashion retailing.

female entrepreneur
Image Source: iStock/Neustockimages

Logo Designing Tips:


  • Select one style of design for one logo
  • Use suitable graphic elements and principles


  • Don’t copy someone else’s logo for your brand
  • Avoid DIY and focus on design customization

Logo Design Trends:

Logo Design Inspirations:

A logo may be a small piece of graphic but it is the most powerful ingredient of your brand’s identity design. Here are some cool logo inspirations for you.

Logo Design 1
Image Source:

Logo Design 2
Image Source:

Logo Design 3
Image Source:

Logo Design 4
Image Source:


These types of businesses are established on the web using technologies that allow customers to browse online, collect items in a virtual cart, pay the bill using e-wallets, and receive their order at the comfort of their home.

Nowadays, such business models are on the rise because they can reach a wider audience that is spread across hundreds and thousands of miles. For trading companies such as Trade Brains, it is important to make a strong presence in the digital world.

Branding You Need: Website Design and Development

Budget: $350 and above

  • Web design and development
  • Web page template
  • WordPress website design theme

If you’re an e-commerce business then you must invest a good amount of money in creating a professional website design that is eye-catching and user-friendly.

The beauty of this is that you can design temporary discount web pages based on holiday themes customary to the regions (of the world) you deliver to. For example, while Christmas will help you entice the western part of the world, Holy or Eid will let you promote towards the east. Hence, you have a convenient prospect to reach a global audience of buyers.

Know that the web development industry is now equipped with many themes, trends, and plugins you can integrate into your website to make it more reachable and likable. The best part is that you can design a responsive website design to cater to all types of customers, from those who use their laptops to those who use their smartphones.

young woman at home
Image Source: iStock/Eva-Katalin

Web Designing Tips:


  • Make a mobile responsive website
  • Keep product listing easily index-able


  • Don’t over-fill your website with items
  • Avoid black hat SEO techniques for ranking

Website Design Trends:

  • For online businesses, aesthetics and function in web design play an important role in charming visitors and retaining their attention.
  • There’s no room for web designing mistakes in this decade because many resources and professionals are available to prevent your business from failing in user-interface and user-experience.
  • For the sake of successful search engine optimization, e-commerce businesses need to design and develop websites to appeal to users and search engines.

Web Design Inspirations:

The online world is full of examples of great designs and here are some from our stash of web design collection.

Web Design 1
Image Source:

Web Design 2
Image Source:

Web Design 3
Image Source:

Web Design 4
Image Source:

Brick And Click

Unlike brick and mortar, the brick and click businesses aim to provide their customers with a seamless digital and on-ground experience to accommodate all kinds of people, from those who like walking to the shop or those who are awestruck by technology.

Simply put, it is a type of business that operates both online and offline. This way customers have the option to shop in the store or buy on the website, as per their choice. In some instances, these businesses provide a dedicated app for users and offer special discounts. The idea is to provide an experience of both worlds to customers.

Branding You Need: Complete brand identity

Budget: $200 to $1200

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Web Design

The opportunity is endless for brick and click business models however, if the branding is not coherent then things like brand image and brand positioning can get shambolic. To avoid this, the best idea is to create a complete brand identity that consistent and clear.

Such business models need a branding style guide mentioning how logo design standards, branding theme, and brand colors will be used across all platforms from physical locations to online.

With such vast functioning, these types of businesses can amplify their brand presence in a number of ways by using print designs and digital designs.

london piccadilly during night
Image Source: iStock/OfirPeretz

Branding Tips:


  • Keep all designs consistent yet adaptable
  • Put your unique brand logo on every piece of design


  • Don’t hire too many designers to design your brand identity
  • Avoid staying stagnant with no changes or evolution

Brand Identity Trends:

  • Take the help of technologies like holograms, augment reality and virtual reality in trade events to innovatively brand your business in an avant-garde way.
  • Re-invent traditional designing methods for branding stationery and marketing materials so that nothing seems cliché or boring.

Use animation to convert customer experience into an interactive experience, or better yet to tell a brand story that presses the right chords with your market.

Visual Brand Identity Inspirations:

A complete visual identity helps all stakeholders and shareholders know how they can present a particular business to its market. Check out these creative designs for ideas.

Visual Brand Identity 1
Image Source:

Visual Brand Identity 2
Image Source:

get a unique brand identity design

Visual Brand Identity 3
Image Source:

Visual Brand Identity 4
Image Source:


It is a kind of business model that allows earners to earn and buyers to buy. Most of the crowdsourcing companies are service-based, such as:

  • Peer-to-peer property lending marketplace
  • Language translation service
  • Outsourcing of mundane household chores
  • Private investment sharing
  • Architectural design and engineering services
  • Project management services

While a website is a critical part of such a model, these businesses need that extra punch to survive in this competitive landscape.

Branding You Need: Social and Web Presence

Budget: $150 to $300 plus

  • Web banner ads
  • Social media covers
  • Social ad designs

Having a website is not enough. If you belong to the crowdsourcing industry then you need to develop your social media page with the necessary marketing and branding tactics that will help get skilled workers and clients. This means your target audience is split, and you need to create social networking pages that invite both.

Add call-to-action buttons, but make sure to design a professional social media banner to catch the attention of the visitor in a snap. It can be in the form of an illustrated image, a photograph, or an animated video.

The great thing about social media is that not only are you branding your business, you also have the liberty to do marketing and advertising. This means that all of the activities that can get you leads and conversions are in progress simultaneously.

social media concept
Image Source: iStock/tumsasedgars

Web & Social Ad Tips:


  • Use video techniques to make interactive banners
  • Keep your call-to-action button at the forefront


  • Don’t clutter the design for social media
  • Avoid selling more than one product, service or package in one social ad

Web & Social Trends:

  • Creativity and innovation in content production and editing techniques have become a vital part of video marketing strategy.
  • Data has become the key factor in determining target markets, and help businesses make their marketing plans.
  • Advertisements are winning the bet again via social selling such as social ads, web banner ads, and search ads. Everything is aimed towards conversions.

Social & Web Ads Inspirations:

Social Web Ads 1
Image Source:

Social Web Ads 2
Image Source:

Social Web Ads 3
Image Source:

No matter the kind of business you are, you have to understand that while you may not need everything, you do need to know what type of branding your business needs to stay relevant, memorable and appealing. While doing so, you have to be open to out-of-the-box ideas and never be afraid to experiment.

Let us know the kind of business you are and we will provide free branding consultation.

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