Five Strategies That Help Increase Sales In Holiday Season

By Michael Baker , Dec 20 2018
Sales in Holiday Season

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Gear up – because it is that time of the year when we embark on holidays one after the other! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and some more holidays are behind us, but the mega celebratory break is still on its way. The heart of the holiday “season” lies in colorful socks, a tall, dancing spruce Tree and well, lots of celebrations and delicious food. We might not celebrate all the holidays, but collectively, your customers sure will; pushing up your sales in this season is an opportunity once a year.

For that purpose, and to put some spice into your festivity sales-strategy, we have chosen five most useful and tactful game plans that will help, importantly, small businesses spread their wings far and wide to their audiences. These strategies are regardless of whatever marketing channel you usually prefer to take; they can be implemented via print, emails, radio, store fronts, television ads and even through mobile apps. According to reports, digital strategies have influenced customers in the shortest span of time, thanks to the power of psychological addiction to social media. Therefore, whether small or large business, you need to start gearing up your online marketing weapons supposedly right after the spring.

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It must be noted that the motive of implementing holidays’ sales-strategy is to rejoice with customers in the spirit of celebration while tactfully indulges in self-promotion and brand-awareness. The main idea is not to appear too cheery of your strategies; remain subtle and focus only on the “giving” to customers and locals to keep them happy. Let us have a look:

1. Deals For Social Media Fans

Social media is a powerful influencer. If you are an avid user of social media, you cannot deny the fact that it has every other kind of business landing page, be it the start-up café shop around the corner or the multinational companies spanning worldwide. Moreover, studies suggest that people who follow or “like” your social media links are, in fact, your personally hired yet cost-free brand ambassadors. Social media can serve as a powerful tool commercially for any business because your landing page is going to pop up in users’ newsfeed every now and then; plus the option of dropping user feedback makes things all the more easier.

If you have social media following, there is not a better time to thank them for their selfless support and encourage them to keep loving and spreading your word. The first tactful strategy that any business must adopt for boosting sales and awareness during the holidays is to produce deals exclusively for social media followers, or maybe digital coupons that only followers can avail. This is a great method for lead generation through social media. With deals that benefit your digital fans, you will gain more following along with popularity and happy customers by the end of the day. If your company does not have a social media page yet, design one as soon as possible.

Deals For Social Media Fans

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2. Donate For A Larger Cause

Businesses usually offer incentives, discounts and special offers and rewards in the holiday season to their customers, but seldom take local communities into consideration. A tactful way to winning hearts of the audiences is to win over their sentiments. The Christmas, if we consider for instance, is a time of ‘giving.’ Successful and larger businesses usually have an ongoing social cause initiative that mutually benefits either of the parties, and it gets difficult for smaller business to match their level. However, at the time of Christmas, specifically, you can search for charity organizations that align with your own ideas and mission, and meet them to discuss on ways you can help them. Food drives, clothing drives or donating a percentage of your sales – there are several ways that would not only benefit the local cause but discreetly spread awareness of your own brand.

In this way, you can entirely involve your brand to make up the details and while promoting for the cause; your personal involvement in helping it will speak volumes for itself.

3. Organize Themed Contests

The next intelligent strategy is to involve your customers in creative, fun games and challenges, and reward them generously for winning it.  Once again, the Christmas period gives a lot of space to organize themed games and contests; however, it can be arranged at any time of the year as well. There are numerous ideas that would keep customers involved; for instance, reveal a prize for the best and worst holiday picture submission with a themed clothing item worn as mandatory, or you can ask them to do a karaoke of Christmas song and send in the videos. Paintings, hand-written pieces of poetry/song or narration, pictures, videos and audios along with many more creative ideas can be utilized to add sparkle to the holiday spirit within your customers. While taking part in these contests will prove to be fun for the customers, the idea of hosting these games is to increase publicity and give off customer-oriented vibes. Hence, you can post all details and instruct entry-submissions to your official social media pages or link them to instore purchases.

Organize Themed Contests

4. Invest Tactfully In Promotional Campaigns

Businesses usually arrange marketing campaigns monthly or episodically. But at the time of holidays, customers are in the joyous mood of spending. In order to tweak that momentum to your advantage, you need to act tactfully with your holiday promotional campaigns. Creativity is a must because your investment in campaigns does not guarantee an effective return. You can propose a personalized holiday combo for individual customers which is always a win-win situation. You can also offer free shipping as well as free gift-wrapping for all online customers during which is bound to increase sales during holiday season. Add one or two conditions such as free-shipping for items above a fixed price and you can balance the threshold of your profit.

5. Launch Exclusive Sales

Conclusively, the most mainstream and obvious strategy for boosting sales – is to offer holidays sales! I can almost hear you muttering “Duh!” but you must take note that these holiday sales are so very common is because they actually work. However, what we will discuss in this space is how to launch sales that everybody attends and is not just one of those that last a week and subside itself. If your store has items that are the brand merchandise, or are majorly sold commodities; put big discounts on them (30-40%) every day prior to Christmas to get the customers coming back each day. You must also make your discounts worth the while for your customers. Many retail stores offer sales on particular items or only for a section of the shop – spoil your customers a bit and make your discounts storewide.

There is no reason why customers will not flock to your shops if you implement marketing strategies tactfully during holiday seasons. However, the important part in achieving maximum results over this period is to get the word out. For this, you need to send out e-mails, flyers, advertise on store fronts, and make it viral on social media. The above five game-plans are going to propagate brand-awareness and indirectly increase the sales, this holiday season. What is the wait for, then?

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