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In the communications business, a proper logo can make potential customers notice you. The communication marketplace is fairly broad as there are a lot of services being offered and while some communications businesses are involved in web, video or print, others specialize in graphic and interior design as well as consulting services. A proper design logo should exclusively project the type of service or products you are offering.

Your logo design should speak to customers in a way that they see your business as unique and creative. Professional logo designs have the power to be innovative, striking and instantly appeal to a customer's emotions and perception. They ought to work well not just in color but black and white as well.

Add original graphics to your logo design to make them stand out more. Your design can also be in 3D and animated when seen by customers on the internet or other digital media. There are many varieties of fonts which can be used to ensure your visual identity is not only extraordinary but a good representative of your business as well.

There are many varieties of fonts which can be used to ensure your visual identity is not only extraordinary but a good representative of your business as well.

Why this is Important in the Long Haul

It is no doubt the goal of every business owner to not just profit from their services and products but also leave the competition in the dust. You may have wondered about the best way of gaining a special advantage over your competitors.

A professionally designed communication brand image is the perfect way to prepare your company for future successes. Customers have a natural knack for doing business with companies based on their brand image and aesthetics. So once you have honed in effectively on these factors, you can enjoy an immense amount of success and stay on top of the market.

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communication company logo graphic
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Shapes of Communications

Let's take a moment to understand the shapes of the communications industry. Wave-like shapes are commonplace in many organizations. Because waves are associated with movement and change, they are crucial in a business where products or services can fall to obsolescence within months. The wave is also linked to satellites and radio waves, so they are relevant and fitting in this industry.

Triangular shapes convey a feeling of strength. They resemble old-fashioned radio towers.

Squares are used to relay honesty and straightforwardness, which is a crucial factor to consider. It is common to find owners, in some cases, baffled by their own offerings as their technical expertise is somewhat not at the same level as the highly trained staff.

Using Colors to Communicate Your Message

Calming colors go best with communication brand images. Serene and calming blues as well as greens are quite common. These colors do well with communication brand identities because products or services are a gateway to making life easier and less stressful.

However, some people are too happy to bypass this calming experience and this is where a more "hi tech" design would serve well to audiences. If your prospects do fall under this umbrella, yellows and reds are ideal choices as they grab instant attention. These color tones entice emotions of excitement and anxiety, mixed with a little bit of enthusiasm and danger.

communication company logo graphic
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The Images of Communication

Though it makes perfect sense to have satellites, telephones and similar communication-related images in your design, this is not an ideal choice for many organizations, lending to the timeless nature of a brand image.

You'd want a communication logo design that can be used for years or even several decades because the pace at which technology evolves in this sector can make your graphic design obsolete in just a few years. For instance, imagine what shape and look cell phones would take in 2 years or so, or how different they looked a couple of years back.

Images are indeed the cornerstone of brand identities. They must be used with special care in the business.

As you can imagine by now, properly branding a communications business may not be as straightforward as you may have been led to believe. This is because shapes and colors come in so many varieties with few hard and fast rules.

Under the circumstances, you might find it tempting to use a generic or ready-made design from a logo maker. Doing so may lead to your company being perceived as run of the mill or even unprofessional. Hire a designer who is well versed in the design discipline and able to project a vision that holds the attention of the target audience for several decades. Ask your designer to make use of more abstract images. Tell them what you're looking for is timeless appeal, as you don't want to be rebranding your business every 2 years or so.

A professional graphics and logo artist fully understands your vision and knows how to truly project your company image, just the way you want.

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