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retail service logo design inspirations


It all starts with an idea!

Finding an apt image for your retail logo design is easier said than done. Very few understand the nature of this service and even fewer can create a brand identity for it. If you wish to take your business identity to the next level, you have to think like your prospects. You need diverse ideas to create a logo design for your brand. However, the fact that you are not a designer might limit your scope. In any case, you need to start with some idea, no matter how crude it is. Before moving on to the must-haves in retail service logo design, the owner should know about the key questions to ask himself.

  • What are the potential elements of a retail service symbol?
  • How can it precisely represent your business while remaining simple and memorable?
  • How is it different from any other industry logo?
  • What elements make it catchy and unique?
  • And finally, how can it create exceptional brand value for my business?

If you have these questions in mind, we have the answers. Let's go through the inevitable elements of a retail service company logo and respond to these common queries along the way.

What's in the name?

Some popular logo designs only comprise of a wordmark while others are chic enough to communicate the message through a symbol. However, a retail company cannot create a brand image without either of the two elements. Especially at the beginning stages of the business, it's impossible to start advertising with an incomplete message. When considering typefaces, be sure to overlook gimmicky fonts because that's what the customers would do - judge a funky logo as unprofessional.

Simple is good right? Not always

It's true a retail service brand identity cannot be too vivid but that doesn't mean it has to be extremely simple. If you are thinking the simple a retail service logo design, the better it can communicate an idea, then you're mistaken. A simple idea often misses the catch and hence appears generic. It is a general belief among the design fraternity that a simple design is limited to basic shapes and structures like squares, ovals, rectangles, circles and stars. In reality, a misdirected attempt to minimalism leads to simple, as in unfinished or crude designs. The simplicity of design graphics must not compromise the style and uniqueness of the brand. If it gets too simple, chances are that it might resemble dozens of other icons out there.

When it comes to differentiating a brand from its competitors, it can't have a simple logotype. Can you add your own flair to create a unique design? There's something you can do to add depth to a design. Let's find out.

palm tree logo for online retailer
shoppingn cart logo for online retailer
gift box and tag logo for special retailing company
eye ball logo icon for optical retailer

Reversals for retail service logo

Keeping simplicity in mind, a design must be finalized in reversals. No, we are not referring to the mirror images and it does not necessarily have to be a negative. It is just one version of your logotype to make sure the design looks perfect against a dark background. Well, the idea is to make a design more versatile that can then be used in a broad spectrum. Moreover, solid one-color logos look amazing as watermarks. Sometimes, instead of white, a light shade can be used to make it look neutral. The idea of reversed logo design might seem confusing for someone who has never designed. The logo has to be delivered to the client in a color that goes against every background.

The wonders of color palette

Once the design concept is ready in reversed image, it's time to fill colors. And when it comes to utilizing the power of colors, there are two extremes. One division of the design fraternity is keen on representing emblems as wild art while the other half focuses on limiting the inherent psychological power of the color palette. The design must be ready in its basic form before you intend to unleash the power of color. Different combinations and contrasts can be extremely persuasive and communicate the message of warmth, coolness, complementarity, softness, brightness, darkness, and saturation.

barn house illustration logo for retail service
dog mascot logo for toy retailer
north star logo for retailer shop
smiling donkey logo for mattress retailing company

The typeface speaks for your brand

Ok, you have an award-winning design in the bag. What's next? The baffling choice of font perhaps. Well a typeface should provide the context of the design while giving a clear picture of the services a retail business has to offer. If your emblem misses that, it's like a big investment in hot water. Nonetheless, choose a font that looks compatible alongside the symbol. In order to make the whole package look good, the font has to be chosen carefully. Usually a typeface with complementary shapes to match the design will go long way. A business with a more professional outlook like retail service requires a more formal looking font with caps and small caps.

Custom retail service logos

So you have an amazing idea for the branding of your business but you aren't able to pack it all together. You are in need of a professional design service provider that caters to retail service logos. Searching for design portfolios relevant to your industry is an option, in fact a good one. So, feast your eyes with a selection of top-notch logos for retail industry.

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