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Retail Merchandise Logos That Surpass Competitors

The retail industry is massive, particularly in the US, with stores bringing in about four trillion dollars just last year. However, for several reasons, not every retail business gets to enjoy such generous earnings. The ones that do excel have a logo that's both memorable and shines prominently in the competitive market.

What's in a Logo Then?

Your graphic art and design is your corporate identity. It's featured all over your advertising materials so as to entice people to use your brand. As soon as customers march into your retail outlet, one of the first things they'll notice is the logo. You'll see customers coming out of the stores with their carts full, trying to balance several bags that have the brand identity logo printed on them. This is brand advertising at its best, and an image is where it all starts.

If you happen to have an online retail business, having a corporate identity is still of the essence. E-tailers, as they're known, have made it common practice to proudly display graphic art and design on their websites, packaging and invoices. You may have come across online brand identities in marketing emails, mobile phone, and website apps.

Irrespective of whether you own a traditional retail merchandise store or an online one, your image represents you in the industry so getting the right message across means making it or breaking it.

It's all in the Graphics

You' must have come across shops using graphics to represent the goods they're selling. Hardware stores have images of drills, saws and hammers. Grocery stores make use of designs featuring vegetables, fruit or meat and so on.

This effectively establishes a connection between a business and what they're selling, a point of reference for the prospective consumer. This task is often not as simple as sounds because you need to stand apart and project your image in a unique way, differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Business owners looking to be 100% original may want to select retail merchandise images that are somewhat unorthodox. For example, a shoe store owner might go for a logo that has an exotic bird or perhaps a caterpillar sporting several pairs of footwear, rather than simply having plain images of footwear in the graphic design.

Abstract images tend to work quite well for retail businesses. Take Wal-Mart's design for instance: instead of electronics, apparel and the assortment of consumer goods they sell, you see a contemporary star-like design. These graphics don't completely give away "the story" behind the store, but they are immediately identifiable and well-known among consumers.

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Who would have thought the famous Nike swoosh mark would be selling thousands to millions of shoes today? Take Bose who are experts in high-fidelity audio systems or Sony; their logos don't even remotely have anything to do with electronics.

Experimenting with Colors

Several industries have clear cut dos and don'ts when it comes to the use of colors in their brand image. With retail brand identities though, sky's the limit. When coming up with a clever color scheme, consider the goods you're selling.

Grocery store brands make use of earth tones such as greens and browns, which tie in nicely with the fresh and natural produce they sell. Though there is room for experimentation; the Safeway image has black and red for example.

There are no real boundaries on color use when it comes or retail merchandise graphic designs. This gives you the opportunity to come up with a logo that's completely fresh. Though, it would be best not to be too inclined towards a particular set of colors just because they're different, or make sense to you.

Colors carry powerful connotations which you need to understand before deciding on one. Audiences are quick to detect these visual cues. So when you're putting together your color scheme, always keep the target audience and demographics in mind.

Famous Retail Merchandise Logo Designs

As an example, children respond well to primary colors such as yellow, bright red and blue since they are just learning to identify them. A toy store or children's clothing shop would ideally have a trio of these colors to get noticed. You wouldn't expect to find a purple or pale blue color here as it doesn't agree to the youth.

Purplish, pinkish or other pale hues would resonate quite well with women's fashion apparel because clients are expecting to be pampered with high-end goods.

It's important not to overlook the importance of how your design looks in black and white. Remember, the design ought to look just as welcoming and eye-catching when the hues are done away with. The best retail business service images are easily identifiable when they're in newspapers or company invoices because that's where black and white really comes into play.

Researching color psychology is vital because using the wrong hues can project your company in a negative way and you don't want to alienate your prospective clients by choosing the wrong colors.

And if, all else fails, get in touch with a professional logo designer and explain your vision at length. What will this achieve? First, they are in the field and know of the above dynamics to be able to guide you better. Second, investing in them will save you time and effort. And lastly, if you use a crowdsourcing platform like, then you will have access to thousands of professional designers to give many options to choose from. If your business is worth investing in, then consider a logo design the image worth the effort.

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