Up Your Logo Designing Game! Top YouTube Channels With Handy Tutorials

By Aamina Suleman , Oct 25 2018
Logo Design Tutorials

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Trying to get your hands on logo design tutorials? I’ve made an awesome list for you with YouTube channels that teach how to design a logo using different design software, techniques and styles. So whether you’re a newbie designer or professional willing to advance his/her skills then these channels are just the place for you.

Mohamed Achraf

A Tunisia based graphic designer, Mohamed Achraf shares amazing logo designing videos with his fans on the popular website. He specializes in creating logos and you can very well see that in the content he posts. From the basic to complex, you’ll find tips and tricks that’ll help you make creative projects for clients.

In his logo design tutorial videos you’ll find niche topics addressing trending methods like the golden ratio and styles like three dimensional or negative space.


If you’re in the mood to learn those stunning logo designs that make people say “How on earth do you make that?” then this channel is your abode. It’s got cool design tutorials, enough to help you impress your boss/client.

Find beginner to specialized ways of designing logos. The videos are easy to follow with a transcript in each frame to help you further during the process. The software is at a good distance in screen casting, which makes it idiot-proof to understand what’s going on.

Logos By Nick

While most of the world is hooked on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, there are those who like widening their scope and introduce tutorials based on other software such as Inkscape and GIMP. One such example is of freelance graphic designer Nick, who uses free tools to create awesome tutorials for those who can’t dispense hundreds of dollars on programs.

He starts off by helping you set up the page with guides and begins there on. His voiceover complements the video: livens it and of course assists you on every step of the way.

Satori Graphics

If you’re an Illustrator fan wondering how to use the assorted tools to create logo designs for clients then this is one place to be. You can learn to use the shape builder tool for logo design, get tips on the logo designing process and check out mistakes you shouldn’t make.

Tom Satori, a graphic designer and logo designer, has a YouTube channel packed with great videos on how to master the world’s most famous design software. You can learn nifty tricks about typography and effects to accentuate your designs more and maintain a good balance.

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Part of designing a logo is to learn the neat hacks to add shadows, gradient and overlapping. Once you know these little things, you can design your own original designs. Daniel White, with over ten years of experience in the field, posts practical videos on his YouTube channel for noobs.

Scroll through his playlist and you’ll find ways to make famous logos like that of Instagram, Google Chrome and Reddit. You’ll also find ways to create basic icons that’ll help you embellish any brand mark.


Want to master the art of designing logos using the golden ratio? Freelance graphic designer and illustrator, Dam posts videos on how to craft spectacular icons and logo designs with this trendy approach.

If you’re looking to stay hip in the design industry, then it’s a good idea to teach yourself the visual representation of this mathematical equation that’s also called the Fibonacci spiral.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – How To Design A Logo

Beginner at logo designing? Hafiz Tri Handoko is a graphic designer from Indonesia with a YouTube channel that aims to teach newbie designers, juniors or simply those who want to kickstart their career in graphic design.

You’ll get to know tools and methods to draw swooshes, create a globe effect with revolve tool, basic line art and flat icons, abstract shapes and a lot more.

Know that …

Design is like math or any other skill based subject, in which you can’t survive without practicing every day. You’ve got to organize yourself, take the time out and get down to it. In logo designing you need to sharpen your techniques, get inspiration and think of an original style that sets you apart from others. So I hope you find your way to becoming a successful designer. Good Luck!

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