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Logo design for a forward-thinking,consultancy specializing in financial imagineering & engineering

Ascendant Growth Partners

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Project: Logo design for a forward-thinkin ...
Industry: Consulting Logo
Contest Launched: Oct 21, 2013
Selected: 1 winning design from 88 concepts
Winning Design by: radunicolae
Close Date: Nov 07, 2013

Logo design for a forward-thinking,consultancy specializing in financial imagineering & engineering - Consulting

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Logo design for a forward-thinking,consultancy specializing in financial imagineering & engineering

Ascendant Growth Partners


Ascendant Growth Partners is a leading edge consultancy dedicated to increasing the growth rates - the growth metabolism - of companies with unusual promise to levels of what we call exponential "ascendant" growth, thereby increasing their asset value and appeal as portfolio targets to major investors - venture capital, private equity, etc.

Some of the designers here who did extraordinary work on our last project, for EQVenturePartners, a sister company to Ascendant Growth Partners, have been chosen to also work on this project.

For them, as well as for the rest, the following will hopefully serve to distinguish one project - and one company - from the other...and, hopefully, shed some light on what we're now looking for in terms of a logo design to add dimension to this particular company as well:

EQVenturePartners (EQ) represent the visioneers. AscendantGrowthPartners (AGP) represent the engineers.

EQ is the heart and soul, the innovation engine that illuminates what is possible for our client companies and their visionary leaders. AGP is the architectural nerve center that, through keen strategic insight and brilliant analysis, creates the path to these visionary goal of our clients.

Though both (EQ and AGP) possess very forward-leaning, progressive cultures, EQ is the creative center and trend forecaster whereas AGP is the brain trust with deep expertise in business, finance and technology. EQ is the poet. AGP is the geek.

EQ helps brilliant companies discover their ultimate marketplace destiny and position in the world. AGP helps these same companies discover their extraordinary economic purpose...and helps them get there.

Looked at another way, in a utopian world, EQ's founding spirit could be embodied in someone like Steve Jobs, whereas AGP's founding spirit could be embodied in someone more like Warren Buffet. AGP understands, in other words, that numbers - quants - can be beautiful. EQ understands that ideas are the world's number one currency.

EQ stays up all night until the muse of inspiration strikes. AGP is up at 4am to see how the markets are trending around the world.

Together, they create a 24/7, full service, value-creating system for adding growth energy, direction, vision and pathway to wins for brilliant companies around the world.


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  • October 21, 2013 12:45 PM
    malex malex
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    ...also think about a two-lined tag-line: Maximum-return-on-growth Growth fit for extraordinary economic purpose

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