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Logo for 5k glow run at night with huge after party.

Fun Glow 5k

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Project: Logo for 5k glow run at night wi ...
Industry: Events Logo
Contest Launched: Dec 05, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 119 concepts
Winning Design by: Mayas
Close Date: Dec 12, 2014

Logo for 5k  glow run at night with huge after party. - Events

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Creative Brief

Logo for 5k glow run at night with huge after party.

Fun Glow 5k


The company host 5k fun runs nationally with a theme heavily weighted in the after party and electronic dance music. This logo will reflect a high energy event with a theme of glow and neon colors. The logo should look electric and modern while maintaining a fun and inviting element. The demographic of participants is 12 and up. The majority of participants come from the social media crowd such as Facebook and are typically a younger crowd from 18-30. We use UV color powders, paint and glow effects to enhance the 5K run as well as the main stage where the Dj is hosting the after party.
We would like to keep the logo to 2 colors and 3 most , to decrease printing cost, as seen with multiple colors. We have a preferance for Neon pink, blue and green but are open to all creative designs. We want the logo to be exciting and memorable.


Logo Type
Logo Type

Abstract Mark
Abstract Mark

High Tech

Neon, Glow Pink, Blue, Green, purple, white, black. Any combination of these.


Look at some of our competitor websites. Electric Run, Foam Glow, Blacklight run, Run to Rave. Also look at Ultra Music festival, Tomorrow land.

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  • December 06, 2014 4:56 PM
    koolevents koolevents
      Project Holder
    Hello artist, please take note, we would like some kind of art work or symbol as part of the design. It can be integrated into the lettering or separate next to texted logo. It can be a character head for example like the "Deadmau5" but not a copy of , must be original. We do use glowing glasses and powder, paint that glows that can be reflected to the artwork character or symbol. Also our logo name Fun Glow 5k has same first initials as the Foam Glow 5k, we do not want our logo to look like theirs. I know its a challenge to use the same color types and lettering but we can not be in likeness to the Foam Glow logo. Please visit their website ,look at their logo. Thank you, please feel free to ask for any more direction on this.

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  • December 06, 2014 11:54 AM
    koolevents koolevents
      Project Holder
    Maya's , I like the look but it's to close in similarity to Foam Glow 5k logo. Needs to maybe show a difference that we won't be mistaken as them.

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