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Logo for a skydiving school.

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Project: Logo for a skydiving school.
Industry: Sports Logo
Contest Launched: Nov 01, 2013
Selected: 1 winning design from 102 concepts
Winning Design by: Bulldozers
Close Date: Nov 14, 2013

Logo for a skydiving school. - Sports

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Creative Brief

Logo for a skydiving school.


We are a parachute manufacturer and are in the process of setting up a worldwide parachute flight training franchise called 'The Canopy School'. This will be run and coached by our sponsored athletes, and will provide training for sports skydivers and competitive swoopers to learn more about flying their parachutes (canopies). Most courses will be group ones and follow a progression from beginner to competitive, and a range of sub-disiplines.

The logo has to be a reflection of what the Canopy School is: effective, fun, energetic, and action focused.

Skydivers are people who love extreme sports, keep up with modern technology and largely have expendable income. They can come from many professions and be many different ages, but most common demographic is between 20-45yrs.

This is not a military, old fashioned parachute school. This is for athletes, people with a passion for adventure and skydiving. The logo has to convey fun, safety, professionalism and a bright enthusiasm and passion for skydiving and flying canopies.

The logo should convey a sense of freedom and flight, but not be wispy or girly. A surfy/skatey feel would be good as it's a similar target market.

The Canopy School is the most important text in the logo but we want to include the whole website with the .com on the end. Format can be or The Canopy School .com, on different levels with different sizes or the same, whatever you think will work :)

Please look at some of the following links and pages to get an idea of what skydivers like and to see a bit about modern canopy flight:

Our company facebook page:

Leading Edge Canopy School facebook page (the instructor that owns this school is our first instructor for the canopy school, his school will become part of our business):

An example of competition 'swooping' on our high performance parachute (this is actually a World Record Distance run):


Logo Type
Logo Type

Abstract Mark
Abstract Mark



Black, yellow and white. Options for it to be on a black or white background.

Open to most ideas for it. Our brand is black yellow and white so need to keep with that in mind. Has to be something that transfers well to windblades (tall flags) and swoop shirts (like cycling tops). Simple and easy to recognize. Would like it to focus on the extreme sports market, similar to skate or surf brands, that type of flavour.

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  • November 05, 2013 1:21 AM
    nzaerosports nzaerosports
      Project Holder
    I have uploaded some files to use if you wish to use a parachute/canopy silhouette in your design. You don't have to, we are open to text only logos. But if you want to, please don't use a parachute image from somewhere else, make the silhouette/logo out of the photos I have provided as these are our parachutes, modern shapes and flown in a modern way. Thanks :) nzaerosports

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  • November 04, 2013 3:56 PM
    nzaerosports nzaerosports
      Project Holder
    Thanks to everyone who has entered to far! If you haven't already checked out the file we uploaded (our existing brand logo for our company), then check it out :) We want the Canopy School logo to link to that logo. Not be the same, but have some visual ties so people connect the two. So far really liking Draft #1 and Draft #8. We feel Draft #1 has the right sport/extreme look and flavour about it, though not too sure on the canopy/mountains images, and really liking the text only simplicity of Draft #8. Thanks for your entries, looking forward to seeing more! nzaerosports

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