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Logo for an Air Rifle Competition

2015 JROTC Service Championships

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Project: Logo for an Air Rifle Competition
Industry: Sports Logo
Contest Launched: Nov 19, 2014
Selected: 1 winning design from 69 concepts
Winning Design by: carlovillamin
Close Date: Dec 06, 2014

Logo for an Air Rifle Competition - Sports

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Creative Brief

Logo for an Air Rifle Competition

2015 JROTC Service Championships


This logo will be used for an air rifle competition for high school aged JROTC Cadets. The sport of air rifle shooting is an Olympic sport and the participants will be competing in the same shooting positions found in the summer Olympic Games.

Each branch of the military, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, have high school JROTC programs all over the United States. Many of these high schools JROTCs have air rifle teams. This competition will feature the most talented JROTC units, representing all four JROTC services from across the country.

Here is a link to a photo album of last year's competition -

Here is a link to a photo album of posed shots of some of the competitors after they competed. -

Here is a photo album of the final day of competition, including the award ceremony -

In summary, the logo should identify with the four military services and the sport of air rifle shooting.


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Colors can be a little tricky for this event. This is an air rifle competition for all for JROTC Branches (Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force). Each branch of the military has their own colors; Army, black and gold; Marine Corps, scarlet and gold; etc. This does not mean all colors from each branch must be represented however. We just don't want to single out one branch of the military. We prefer to let the logo designer choose the color(s) as they see fit.

not sure

We are looking for something new. There are plenty of logos with crossed rifles, silhouettes of shooters in position, targets, etc. That is not to say they cannot be used for this logo, but we would like a new take on the idea.

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  • November 21, 2014 11:14 AM
    kharrington86 kharrington86
      Project Holder
    Thank you all for submitting designs. Draft 1 - We like this design, but are unsure of the color choices and why the "15" is not in alignment. Using the O as a zero, a target and the letter is a nice touch. Draft 5 - Looks nice but the shooter is not shooting in the style of shooting. Please take a look at the photos in the description. Drafts 7 & 8 - This is one of our favorites, just the shooter looks like a shotgun shooter. If you look at our description, we have a link to some photos of the type of shooter we are looking for. Draft 16 - We really like this design.

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