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Childcare Logo Design Ideas

Popping colors, fun and cuteness are what childcare logos are made of. After all, they have to appeal to their patrons and charges. What's more, your childcare center logo design should be a fitting symbol to be used in multiple settings. Here are some aspects to think about.

Your childcare center logo will most probably be used in billboards, ads, flyers, and signboard etc. to market your institution to parents and guardians. For such occasions your childcare logo should be bright, contains childcare symbols that immediately communicates your brand, and readable from afar. Sans serif are good fonts for readability while bright primary colors like red, yellow, and blue usually works well with children and adult alike when they're searching for a childcare center.

As far as symbols are concerned, since this is a childcare center, you want to appeal to children and motivate them to go to your center whether your logo is affixed on a bag, lunchbox or notebooks. Logo designers usually take inspiration of symbols for childcare logos from the center's name. If you look at the logos below you'll notice images of children holding balloons, kids playing under a tree, or swoosh kids flying which reflect their own day to day activities. If your childcare specializes in infant care or preschool, or even preteens, then you might want to have symbols that represent your niche more clearly.

If all else fail, consult a logo designer to get a professional brand identity that you and your charges can be proud of.

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