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Essential Elements of Children's School Logo

Children's schools, for a long time, have employed a logo as a means of recognition for their sports teams and academic teams. Some have used an informal logo without a clear message of what the school is and what it stands for.

It is understood, in today's economy, the logo chosen by a school can have an influence on every characteristic of the school's existence. From student enrollment numbers to the school's social standing in the community; from the school's sports team representation to academic squad's identity and popularity; a children's school logo is a matter of self-importance.

A children's school logo is also a means for students and parents alike to show support, school spirit and student sponsorship.

Two essential ingredients which make a successful children's school logo are a simple design and school relevance.

A children's school logo might consist of an open book in combination with a representation of the school mascot (for example - a bear) which the school's basketball team has been using as the team's mascot.

Together this combination may represent athletic pride in unison with open learning. Vibrant primary colors provide an age grouping of junior to middle-school students, which contribute to the school's relevance.

With the children's school mascot, designated school colors and prominent initials or a name already recognizable in the community, a graphic designer can formulate a plan to deliver a logo which will contribute to the successful advertisement of the school.

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