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School and College Logo Designs: Valuable Tips

School, colleges, universities and institutes are responsible for more than just teaching and educating children and adolescents. As the owner or manager of such an institute, parents expect you to keep their children safe and secure, and deliver knowledge. Now even though you may think that these parents will believe that you can protect them from harm because you run a school, you are quite wrong. The fact is that because of the high crime rates, caretakers need to trust and rely on you even before they send their kids to you. And how do you make sure this happens? By presenting to them with a visual identity that tells them that you can be trusted because you are professional and follow the ethical rules set by the state.

The visual identity that we are talking about is a logo for your school or college. Though the development of this symbolic logo design will be the responsibility of your graphic artist, you do need to ensure that you know about some of the tips for designing a school and college logo. Here are a couple of techniques which will help you in obtaining the best logo possible.

Make it Work with Vectors

It doesn't matter if you are going to be hiring a professional designer to create the school and college logo designs because you must know that designing with vectors is most important. Vectors aren't just flexible and easy to class="lazy" alter, but can be varied in size without gumming up or blowing over. On the contrary, if you or your graphic artist makes the mistake of opting for a raster image, you will not be able to get the best quality logo and the corporate identity will be compromised when you print it on very small or large platforms. So, ask your designer to create vector images that are appropriate to your teaching services.

University and College Logos

building steeple college logo
circuitry in brain logo for technology university logo
graduation hat over mountain university logo

Listen to Your Designer

One of the biggest mistakes that clients make when they approach a graphic artist is to think that they know exactly what they need. Bear in mind that though you know your business and industry, you are not aware of the logo design trends or techniques which will help you in getting a spectacular and influential school and college logo. So, the best and most ideal thing to do in this case is to tell your designer as much about your school, the services it offers and the target audience it caters to and leave the rest of the professional. Always be available to the designer so he/she can approach you if they have any sort of questions. Remember that like you are a professional at teaching, the graphic artist is an expert at designing logos.

Back it up with Great Branding

Logo development and design is just a small part of your branding and marketing strategies. You must know that unless this visual identity is backed up with great branding techniques, you won't be able to tell the parents about your success and make them rely on you. So, make sure that you invest in other strategies like building a quality and informative website that the parents and children can visit and develop marketing collaterals which will help you take your message of teaching, education and security forward. Also know that these techniques are ongoing and you must improve on them as time passes.

University Logo Design Samples

laurel wreath and globe icon in university logo
lighthouse logo for adventist university
owl mascot for university

Learn from Your Competitors

When you are building a logo, you should learn from the mistakes and success of your competitors. Though it is not a good idea to take a lot of inspirations from logos and copy the designs of other schools and colleges, it will help you if you know about the elements that have made a particular logo very popular or fail miserably in the industry. You can also browse outside your industry and check out some of the most famous logos of the world to find out exactly what qualities they have.

flower in swirl logo

Ask for Sizes

Though scalability is a feature that needs to be incorporated in one-and-all school and college logo designs, you must also ask your graphic artist to provide you with several different sizes of the logo. Even though most clients know that they should ask for a black and white logo along with the original colored one, a lot of them fail to ask for several sizes of the same design. This is important because if you have these variable sizes, you will easily be able to print the logo on small as well as large surfaces without compromising the overall quality of the design.

Stick to the Basics

When your designer is first starting with the logo development, you need to ensure that you ask him to stick to the basics and not get carried away with complicated concepts. Because you are creating a school and college logo design, it would be best to keep things simple but to create a corporate identity which is describable, memorable, timeless, effective and influential. Don't fall prey to the latest trends or illustrations because this will make your logo ineffective within a few years or once the trend goes out of fashion and isn't being applied. Remember that as long as you stick to the basic rules, there is nothing that can go wrong.

Know the Design Process

Finally, though it is true that you will need a teaching logo in a hurry now that you know about its importance, it wouldn't be wise to rush your graphic artist into designing something that isn't worthwhile. Know that each professional and expert designer will first listen to and analyze your brief, research your industry and target audience, sketch or brainstorm his ideas, revise and then finally present the finalized logo to you. This is how the design process works, can take anywhere from a few weeks to months so you have to be patient because the more time you give your designer, the better he will get at your design.

Though there are many other tips which you can find for clients on the web, the ones talked about here are most essential for the creation of your successful school and college logo design. So if you want the best possible results, keep these in mind and you will be successful.

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