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Once your company logo is designed, now it's time to use it to amplify your brand. There are several ways that you can go about this to strengthen your brand image.

Where to Use Your Logo Design

The brand logo can be used in many places and on many objects to develop a strong brand image for your business. These include:


Your brand logo can be used in uniforms or brand accessories (caps, headbands, safety jackets, helmet) for your company workforce to wear such as a delivery person, technician, marketing, or sales team, etc.


Buntings on roofs, entrances, signboards, coasters or napkins, etc. are good ways to display your banner and give a little something when they walk away from your store.


As mentioned before giving out freebies can help amplify your brand. You may want to give away promotional freebies to target customers at meet-up events. These can include accessories like caps, attires, mugs, and pens, etc.

Quality printing is key to great designs for merchandising products. Make sure the contact information is visible.


Website Design

In a world where you eat and breathe digital, you can't go without having a website, that too should have a logo, as that is the first sign of professionalism. It should be visibly placed on the left or at the center of the topmost navigation bar.

Social Media

There are numerous channels and ways where you can get your logo listed. Use it in social network profile images, social cover design, create groups and add it there, use your logo in all images posted by your page, etc.

The idea is to spread the word about your brand through your logo as far and wide as possible.

For example, have you considered using your logo as a marketing tool to hook customers? If your brand has a tagline, or uses a symbol that is funny or interesting, use it to make target buyers curious and interested to find out more about the brand.

This can be effective when your company is about to start operating in a new market or it is being launched. Using just the logo with a tagline in a teaser campaign can be a great weapon to grab the attention of potential customers. This can be done on social media platforms, TV ads, and even big printed banners.

Using the logo to transcend distance

Sometimes, using a brand logo on freebies given away at promotional events can help your brand reach out to potential customers and brand loyalists to think about your brand even when you don't have market reach.

These items can serve the purpose of advertising very well. The effect can be far-reaching at a nominal cost. The items can include pens, hats, small bags, tote bags, mugs, and tees, etc. What this does is, it helps penetrate the market and test the water for the company, before the official launch of your company.

Breaking cultural barriers

Ever thought of a logo breaking cultural barriers?

If big brands like Coca Cola, Starbucks, Pepsi, McDonald's can do it so you can. If you're thinking of expanding your business to new territories where the language is a barrier. For example in countries like Spain, Brazil, or China. If this is true, then the first thing that you need to do is make your brand speak the language.

Where does it all lead to?

The bottom line is you have to utilize the company logo design in every possible way to help customers relate to the brand easily. From printed merchandise to freebies and web based platforms, the logo should be used everywhere to represent your brand and it should be a powerful means for promotion and advertising too.

Want to get a logo to amplify your brand identity?

*This post was originally published on Logo Design Guru.