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Designing Insurance Logos for a Stronger Brand Identity

Do you plan to start an insurance company? Then you must understand that establishing a brand identity is essential for setting up your new firm. A distinctive insurance logo allows your insurance brand to stand out in the marketplace. Using a variety of colors, fonts, and images will help your potential clients, and customers identify your company.

A logo design for your insurance company is integral to your brand identity. A logo visually represents your company and says much more about you than you may realize. If you don't know much about how to design insurance logos and what important things to consider, fret not; we got you covered.

Today we will discuss how to begin your insurance logo design and what important things you must remember.

Finding an Identity for Your Insurance Company Logo

A partnership may include four to six partners; they will all want their names on the logo. Creating an insurance company logo with so many names will not look attractive at all.

Take a different approach to your logo design than focusing on your partners. You can use it as a way of establishing the brand personality of your company.

Consider the following list of questions for finding your brand identity.

  • What motivated you to start the firm?
  • In what ways does your organization adhere to its values and beliefs?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • Is there anything that distinguishes your insurance company from others?
  • How can you describe your company?
  • What is the best way for your customers to describe your business?

A Guide to Finding Inspiration for Your Insurance Logo Design

Finding inspiration for your insurance company logois important before brainstorming ideas. It will help you find inspiration for your insurance logossince most insurance agents and insurers are more technical than creative.

inspiration for your insurance logos

1. Start by Brainstorming Insurance Company Logo Ideas

Brainstorming is a good place to begin when designing an insurance company logo. Think about how your logo will start in accordance with the services you provide. Collect verbal ideas about your logo design before starting the exercise.

As many ideas as possible should be drafted on paper while brainstorming for your insurance company logo. Discuss with your partners and include their input as well. You must write down your ideas on paper so you can remember them later. The discussion alone will not result in the desired results.

Adding as many minds as possible to a brainstorming session is always advantageous. Ask your employees to think creatively.

2. Consider What Your Clients Want

Insurance companies often mistakenly believe that their logo design represents their company. In reality, it is intended for your clients and prospective customers.

Take a moment to consider your client's perspective during this stage of the process. Prepare a list of words your clients would use to describe your company and services.

For example, if you offer car insurance, you might think about how car insurance logos look and what imagery and texts look the best. Such as a car image, a text, or whatever you think which gives clients a hint of what you offer.

3. View Competitor Logos

Analyze your competitors' logos and determine what is working for them and what could be improved. Taking ideas from your competitors is a very good strategy. Clearly, we are not referring to copying the logo design but just some inspiration.

For instance, if you provide health insurance services, see some top health insurance logos, see what they have done, and how you can improve.

Your competitors can provide you with some good designs for insurance logos. However, avoid entirely copying the logo design of others that’s going to provide no value at all.

Which Types of Logos Are Used By Insurance Firms?

Insurance logos can be designed in seven different ways.


A letter mark logo represents an abbreviation of a partner's initials. See the ‘GEICO’ logo (Government Employees Insurance Company). The logo features a gecko, which has become synonymous with the brand. The cute and charismatic gecko has become a beloved icon in the world of insurance advertising.

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark is an easy-to-recognize logo design that provides personality and recognition. Other than the company name, there are no images or words. Look the ‘Progressive logo’. It features the company's name written in a bold, blue font. The logo also includes a progressive arrow, which symbolizes the company's commitment to moving forward and making progress

Symbol Logos

People will easily recognize your firm using logo symbols, creating a great brand image for you. Try to keep your logo design as minimalist as possible - some designs are simplistic, and others are complex.

For example, home insurance logos with a safety shield around gives the audience a pretty good idea of what the company is about.

Other symbols for insurance company logos

Insurance Logo Symbols

Combined Logos

A combo logo is a logo that combines a symbol with a wordmark or a wordmark with the logotype. Combination logos are best illustrated by placing the brand name next to the character or incorporating it into the symbol. With this strategy, prospects, and clients will identify your brand with both design elements. Consequently, the image or wordmark can be used separately as a logo.

Below are two examples of these logos.

What Color To Use For Insurance Company Logos?

Colors used in your insurance company logo's design significantly impact the impression the logo leaves on clients and prospects. Much research has been conducted on the impact of color on our minds and how we make purchase decisions.


Insurance companies will find this color to be a great choice. The color green is associated with money and being environmentally friendly. Every insurance company wants its brand to be synonymous with calm and level headedness. This color is ideal for agriculture insurance logo designs.


Your insurance firm logowould look great in this classic and common color. Many of the top insurance companies, including AXA and Zurich, use blue as one of the primary colors in their logos. Clients and prospects are likely to view your organization as mature and trustworthy if you use blue as your color.


Pink would be a great color choice if you were opening an insurance firm that targets women and girls. This color gives your logo a feminine touch with a youthful flair. You can use pink to create a sophisticated but trendy look for your logo design.


At first glance, Bown may not seem like a good choice. Nevertheless, it is an excellent choice for the logo of an insurance company that deals with farming or agriculture. This color resembles a vintage, classic design and provides a rugged, durable, and aged appearance.


Insurance companies will always prefer black color in their branding and logo design. Even though it may seem boring, it stands out against lighter colors or white backgrounds, giving your logo a distinctive look. Simple but effective logo designs benefit from this color choice.


A well-designed insurance logo can be a powerful tool in building a strong brand identity. A logo visually represents a company's values, services, and overall brand message. An insurance company must create a logo communicating trust, reliability, and security to potential customers.

A carefully designed logo can help an insurance company stand out from its competitors and establish a sense of brand recognition among consumers.

When designing an insurance logo, it's important to consider factors such as color psychology, typography, and overall design aesthetics. By investing time and resources in designing a logo, insurance companies can build a brand that resonates with their target audience and establishes a lasting connection with customers.

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