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Top Investment Company Logo Ideas and How to Create Them

In spite of our dislike for it, money drives the world. People are finding innovative means to invest their money and get profit in return. A number of key industries have been transformed as a result of the digital revolution, including investment services. Nowadays, everyone has connections with licensed bankers, accounting firms, and financial advisors who help them understand how to invest money and move it afterward.

If you own a financial company or a graphic designer thinking about designing a investment company logo, then here are the eight best examples of investment companies’ logo designs for your inspiration.

Best 8 Investment Company Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

1. Geometric Logo Designs

Using clean, geometric shapes conveys a sense of modernity and a sense of accessibility. This can appeal to a millennial audience who values a technology-enabled service more highly than generations past. With the rapid rise of mobile finance and the decline of brick-and-mortar banks, it may be worthwhile to select a logo that represents your pioneering spirit.

For example, take a look at this Global Funding logo. The logo features a circular geometric design that symbolizes unity and continuity. Within the larger circle, the prominent text 'Global Funding' describes the company’s global presence and reach to a worldwide audience. Within the large circle is a smaller one showcasing a dollar sign. This sign represents the company’s focus on financial growth, investment opportunities, and monetary success for its clients. Such a professional design helps to capture the audience's attention and gain their trust, particularly those looking to invest their hard-earned money

2. Wordmark Logo Designs

In choosing a typeface, you can convey a message about your experience and tradition: a bold, well-recognized font reflects your experience and tradition; a modern font conveys an environment that is more technologically advanced; and a softer font reflects your commitment to customer service. You are safe as long as you do not use serifs. Here are a few examples to consider.

One excellent example of a custom logo is that of Allay Mobile Bank. This is a very simple symbol, yet its playful round shape makes it suitable for use on business cards and social media websites. Purple color is the best option for giving your company a modern appearance in a world dominated by blues and grays.

3. Versatile Icons in Logo Designs

Even though you can create geometric shapes and wordmarks by using investment companies logo maker but, custom icons will give your logo a distinctive and memorable feel.

In custom logo designs, you have a wide variety of options for your investment logo, such as drawing inspiration from nature, such as animals and plants, or creating visually appealing charts and graphs. Whatever symbol you choose can be customized to match the name of the organization and give the brand a strong identity. Here are a few examples to consider:

Take an example of the ‘Turquoise Management’ logo. The blue color choice reflects stability, reliability, and a sense of calmness, which are the main principles of financial management.

Besides the text is a striking blue sapphire icon that serves as a powerful metaphor showing strength, wisdom, and prosperity. The white mesh around it shows the company’s commitment to safeguarding valuable investments.

Here are few others examples that you can look at for your reference.

4. Combination Logo Designs

The combo logo consists of a combination of an icon and a wordmark or a wordmark and a logotype. An effective combination logo incorporates the brand name into the symbol or places it next to the character. The two design elements together will help prospects and clients identify your brand. Therefore, the image or wordmark may serve as a logo by itself.

The symbol you must use in your investment logo if you are going for a combo design should illustrate the company’s core values. Using clean and sleek symbols (such as arrows indicating progress or minimalistic graphs) combined with a professional font reinforces clarity, precision, and professionalism in financial management.

Here are a few examples to look at:

5. Using Animal Imagery

The company name, 'Black Wolf Equities,' is presented boldly in a sleek black font, projecting a sense of power, professionalism, and authority. This color shows seriousness and demonstrates the company’s expertise in equity management.

You can notice a ‘Wolf silhouette’ coming out of the letter ‘O’, which shows the company’s resourcefulness in operating in the financial markets and finding the best investment opportunities for their customers.

6. Vintage-Style Logos

A vintage or historic look conveys the message that we've been around for a while, so you're in good hands. This is an ideal solution for companies that handle financial and investment transactions. Increasingly, companies are opting for a techie look, which creates a sense of trustworthiness and tradition by using an old-fashioned logo.

7. Humorous and Fun Looking Logo Design

Many individuals, particularly right-brained individuals, are intimidated by the concept of financial or investment services. There may be someone among us who is working to change that and make banking and accounting more approachable, human, and enjoyable for your users. Your target audience is sure to appreciate even the most skeptical mascot if you choose to use one.

For example, look at the ‘Squirrel Save’ an investment app in Singapore that uses a squirrel as part of its branding, promoting the idea of saving money like a squirrel storing nuts for the future. While not explicitly humorous, it carries a playful element.

8. Negative Space Logos

Here is an example you can look at ‘Tuticorin Wealth and Investment Solutions’ in the monogram of the company TWIS; the letter ‘W’ changed to show an arrow going upward, which indicates profit and growth of investments along with bar charts coming out showing that company’s only goal is success and nothing else.

A good investment or financial logo must be scalable, attractive, and show your business values. We hope the above investment companies logo images give you the good idea and inspiration you are looking for. Now, let's learn a few techniques on how to create a good investment logo for yourself.

5 Tips To Create a Good Investment Logo Design

Here are 5 tips to help you get started on a good and attractive logo design for an investment company.

1. Take a Closer Look at The Brand

To create a good investment logo design, you should first determine what your brand represents and how you intend to achieve your goals. Creating a logo is not a one-size-fits-all process. Ensure that the money design represents the goals of your business when choosing an emblem. Consider the following questions when determining whether the money logo is appropriate for your business.

What is the reason you require investment logo design? In what ways are you seeking to solve problems? In what ways does your brand adhere to a particular belief? Describe your brand using one adjective if it is personal.

2. Perform a Market and Competitor Analysis

  • Is there a design technique that suits your industry, such as specific shapes or colors specific to your brand?
  • Design techniques that are used so frequently that they lose their individuality
  • Is there any design technique that is overlooked that might inspire new ways of standing out?
  • Who are the most important customers in your industry?

You should begin by researching your competitors to determine what trends are common within the industry. Find a way to make your logo unique and stand out.

3. Simple Logos Are The Best

The logo design should be kept to a minimum. You should also use simple icons to represent your financial institution. Almost all of the world's most recognizable brands have simple icons to represent them.

It may be tempting to use an extremely complex logo that embodies all the values and goals of your organization, but an extremely complex logo is very difficult to recognize.

You should avoid including any unnecessary elements in your logo that send too many messages. It is essential to keep your logo as simple as possible so that it appears professional and does not cause confusion among clients, customers, and partners. Do add a few images that show it is a financial/investment logo, such as bars/graphs, currencies, calculators, or even wordings. Check out the few examples we have listed above.

4. Utilize Colors to Their Full Potential

Your logo is brought to life by the colors, and the colors can convey psychological messages that strengthen the impact of your brand.

There is no doubt that green is the most associated color with finance and investment, but don't be afraid to experiment with other colors as well. Blue and red are commonly used in bank logos.

There is no doubt that colors are capable of signaling certain moods and messages; however, it is best not to go all-out. Find out which colors work well together, and choose two or three that represent your organization most effectively.

5. Take Care When Choosing Fonts

It is common for financial institutions to have a logo design that displays their name. There is, however, a common mistake when choosing a font for a logo that is tacky, busy, and difficult to read. If you intend to use one, ensure that it is both stylish and legible. Sans-serif fonts are very easy to read, and many top organizations use them.


This list of attractive modern logos should have shown you that even when it comes to a serious industry like finance, you do not have to confine yourself to a bland and conventional logo design. Do complete research when designing your finance/investment logo. See what your competitors are using and try creating something new and unique. Hire a professional designer if needed because a logo is the main face of your brand.

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