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5 Extremely Non-traditional Wedding Monograms

Here's a riddle for you: If weddings are all about happiness and starting a new life together then why do wedding monograms have to look so dull? Why are they limited to plain patterns and pale colors? Aren't they supposed to be a symbol of beginning a new journey and all the good things that come with it? Are pastel colored flowers the only good thing that will happen to married people?

Now that is a very fine projection of marriage through a monogram (serious sarcasm intended). Being a design based company, we at ZillionDesigns are always wondering why traditional wedding logos are always bordering on boring. We understand that wedding monograms have a special connection with the couple as it contains their initials, but do they really have to look so unexciting? There is no wedding monogram bible that enforces any fixed rules about creating wedding logos whether customized or via DIY wedding monogram maker. People are free to do whatever they like with their monograms, which makes us even more curious as to why they don't just kick some traditions aside and go ahead with creating a logo which projects happiness. For a creativity aficionado, looking at traditional wedding monograms is like watching a black and white movie, with no sound.

Jump OFF the bandwagon

We've noticed that brand logos often break the rules to exhibit the company's persona. Wedding monograms rarely do that. Wedding monograms have the potential to become a very concise summation of your relationship, but we've noticed that people are very wary when it comes to taking a plunge in terms of design. Initials, floral patterns, cursive fonts and decorated borders are what you usually get to see. Wouldn't it be great if you could add a personal element to your monogram? This can give a symbolic value to it along with giving it a unique identity. Or maybe use brighter colors? The options are endless; all you need to do is think out of the box.

If you have decided to use a wedding monogram for your wedding, please do it with style (and maybe a bit of color). Here are some non-traditional wedding monograms to seek inspiration from:

No flowers, no borders, no tacky hearts, yet looking good. This hand-drawn border as opposed to the traditional ornamented borders, gives the monogram a fresh look. The eclectic colors were decided keeping in mind the set up for the wedding and made it pop out on the invitation cards and accessories.

A complete contrast to the cursive fonts that are used in traditional wedding monograms this angled and modern logo makes wedding monograms look good. Even though it uses a heart, the simplistic and minimal design takes away all the tackiness associated with hearts.

elegant wedding designer logo
wedding monogram for stationery design
flower wreath wedding planner logo

This logo borrows the cursive pattern from the traditional wedding monogram but still manages to establish its own identity. The use of the arrow is what gives this logo a modern look. It's a good monogram to look up to if you want to create a different logo while also employing some traditional elements in logo design.

These logos are ZillionDesigns' favorites because they are so far away from the boring, traditional wedding monograms. They're creative and suggest fun the moment you look at them. Think about it.. do you really want a plain monogram which when seen on the invitation, inadvertently suggests to your guests that they are going to have to sit through a snooze fest?

Welcome them with creativity

According to Brides Magazine, monograms are back. If you think about it, monograms never really were completely out of fashion, but yes, they always have been boring! The use of monograms has taken a hike in recent and we are hopeful that people will soon resort to using them more creatively. No doubt, they're a great way to personalize your wedding and give it a unique feel. When deciding what your monogram should look like, do keep in mind that it enhances the theme of your wedding. We understand you're running short on time and have a huge list of things to do, but do take a little more than a moment to decide the colors and style of your monogram. Use online monogram makers if you must but they take away the personalization element. Try to get a wedding monogram logo through a design crowdsourcing website or hiring a professional graphic designer. Come on now, let's give wedding monograms a warm welcome by putting some serious thought into their creation.

Monogram happiness

One good way to create a wedding monogram which you will cherish all your life is to look at your monogram as a way to connect with happiness. That's what marriages are all about and that's what your logo should project. Try to be unique and try to use better colors and elements. We're counting on you to make the wedding monogram scenario better!

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