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Top Most Chemical Logos in the World and What Makes Them Impressive

Designing a chemical logo for a company is challenging but not impossible. As a business or brand owner, you have to come up with a unique creation that makes you stand out in the market, be different from your competitors and convey a clear brand message.

With chemical logo designs, there are a lot of things to be considered such as logo elements and shapes, color schemes and logo styles which could have a strong and immediate impact. The brand identity design will only be successful when all these design elements are chosen and combined in the best way possible.

This is where an expert and professional designer or their team can make a huge difference. With their skills and knowledge, they can help you come up with scientific logos that are modern, cutting-edge and stay with your business for a long time. Even to work with a designer, you need to be aware of the factors that make research and science logosimpressive and connect with the audience.

If you are looking for some logo inspiration or ideas and want to know about some highly appealing logo designs for chemical firms, you have come to the right place! Here are a few of the topmost chemistry logos that manage to catch the eye instantly.

Top Chemical Brand Logos


The company's logo is one of the primary examples of an impressive and minimalist design. It is a combination mark with a symbol and the name of the chemical corporation, and it also includes a tagline. If you look at it below, you will see that the message is clear and there is no room for people to get confused as to what BASF is all about. The square within a square is a powerful symbol that represents a door and a key to it. As far as business logos go, this hits the mark from the first look. Its black and white color contrast adds to the overall appeal.

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While this corporation has a vast business profile with an interest in different fields like retail and marketing, its logo design remains focused on science-related graphic elements. In the beginning, you might think that the design is common in this field but the use of unique logo colors such as orange and red make it stand out and also pays tribute to the company's Asian roots. The circles and curved writing is taken to be friendly and warm, and sends the right emotional message to the target audience.

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One of the biggest chemical companies in the world redesigned its logo two years ago after merging with another giant firm. The new logo is in red like the previous one and symbolizes energy and power. It immediately catches the eye for its typography and the distinctive oval-shaped corporation's name. There is no border and the half ovals at both ends represent a free-flow of new ideas and invention.

Image Source: brandsoftheworld

Seventh Generation

You may not know about it but Seventh Generation is a firm that has made its name by producing eco-friendly and sustainable chemical products. It has taken inspiration from some of the biggest companies with green logos and created a design which shows the company's work. Just take a look below. The green leaf behind the wordmark is highlighting the company's positive message and its commitment to protecting nature.

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The Chinese chemical trading brand has managed to become a big name in the field. Its monochrome logo in blue is very clear and you can instantly tell what the company does by looking at it. The half full laboratory flask merged with the company's name makes quite an impression on the audience and appeals to both their emotional and logical sides. When it comes to the color, blue is a popular choice in research and development logos as well as technology logos as it represents trust and professionalism

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Chemical industry logos are important for businesses and brands in the field as they create an awareness about your company from the beginning. Just as it is with other brand identity designs, the logo plays a key role in the growth of companies. Go through some of our designs and get a custom logo design for your business as well.

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