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Why Scientific Logos Can Become More Effective With Abstract Symbols

When it comes to abstract symbols in logos, there is no limit to what you can do. If you think about some of the biggest brands in the world, you will realize that a lot of them have abstract logo designs that are recognizable across the globe. Abstract symbols can work very well as scientific logos. Take the brand identity designs of the International Science Council, the American Association for the Advancement of Science or Family Tree DNA for example. You will realize how each organization and company effectively uses the symbol in the scientific organization logo design to tell the audience about their field of work and make an impact as well.

Small businesses and start-ups in science, looking to create a professional brand identity that is attractive and clear-cut can consider using abstract icons or symbols in their logo designs. While these marks can take a long time to become known in the market, they instantly catch the eye. In scientific and biotechnology logos, abstract designs happen to be quite common.

This is mainly because they are quite effective and can be combined with word marks or used individually as well. Here are a few reasons why abstract symbols or icons can make for an appealing scientific logo.

Abstract Scientific Logos are Easy to Identify

Logo designs with abstract forms can be easier to memorize and spot because they're simple and thoughtful. Each one is also unique and these characteristics make them appealing and instant attention grabbers.

Now, you might wonder how the consumer will get to know about your business with an abstract mark since they can have a lot of different meanings. Well, with a professional logo design, created by skilled designers, you can actually come up with an interesting and smart visual that sends out a clear-cut message. It could show the scientific work that you do and later on, also be used to create a successful branding style guide.

Create a Strong and Lasting Impression with Abstract Symbols

Abstract icons might be a good way to make a long-lasting impression. One of the biggest selling points of such designs is that they are minimal yet memorable. If you want your business logo to have an impact from the beginning, you can choose to create your graphic with abstract icons. Give your audience something to think about even after the design is out of their sight. After all, science does depend a lot on thoughts and analysis.

Other businesses have used this strategy to impress their target audience too. Consider the symbols in the logo of Novartis or IQVIA. Like others, you must be wondering about the company behind this symbol.

Science-Related Abstract Marks are Highly Creative

As mentioned at the start, there is a lot of room for creativity with abstract designs in scientific logos. You can experiment with colors, shapes, icons and symbols that you feel would best represent your scientific business and brand values.

Sometimes, it could be difficult to finalize a design that connects with people and also avoid confusing them. While you do have to be careful in using abstract symbols, you do have the freedom to put them in the logo in any way you want. These can look good with wordmarks, lettermarks and emblems.

Abstract Scientific Logo Designs are Versatile and Adaptable

For a business in the field of science, it is important to have a modern scientific logo that is adaptable. You don't want to change it frequently but it should keep up with trends and be ready for use on various digital and print platforms or merchandise such as mugs and clothes.

Abstract symbols are not only versatile but also require minimal change with time. It's why they are widely found in many research and science logos. With an abstract scientific logo, you can tell the audience about your work, product or services and also show how cutting-edge the business is in a compact and simple way.

If you are looking to get a professional design, you can easily start a logo design contest with us. Check out some of our work in the gallery below. With our custom scientific logos, you will be able to succeed in the industry and get ahead of your competitors as well.

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