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Biotechnology Logo Colors and What They Stand For

When it comes to colors in a logo, you want to make sure that you end up making the right choice. In a brand identity design, a color palette is critical to its success. It's how a business brand engages the audience and connects with the consumer.

Whether you are using warm, cool or neutral color to design a logo, they send out a particular message and represent an emotion or a feeling. When it comes to biotechnology logos, you have to pay more attention to the colors you use in your design. This is because with the help of a color scheme, you tell your customer what your bioengineering company brand is about.

Now, it could also be so that the target audience is able to differentiate between biotechnology and other research logos. While it's best that you get a logo designed by professionals, there are a few things that you should know about colors in biotech icons.

Warm Color Tones for Biotech Company Logos

These colors mostly bring out feelings of positivity and high energy so think of red, yellow and orange. You can create your biotechnological logo with a warm color palette to stand out from the competitors and be unique.


Red is quite a dynamic hue and can have an immediate impact on the consumer. It can work in contrast with another shade or as a solid color. In the biotech industry, red usually represents a pharmaceutical business brand or medicine related company. If you are looking to get a biotechnology logo designed for a vaccine producing lab, antibiotics manufacturer and other such businesses, then red logo designs would be a good choice. It shows improvement in health through genetic engineering and organisms.


Yellow is a better choice than orange which could sometimes be distracting from the overall design and message. It is more serious and usually used to represent modern food production and agriculture brand identity designs. Basically, yellow is related to insects in biotechnology brand symbols where they are used for development and scientific purposes.

Cool Color Tones for Biotech Business Logos

The cooler colors are quite commonly used in logo designs for health and medicine. They are calming and show closeness to nature. Consumers also find cool color tones comforting and take them to represent trust as well as security.


Green in a bioremediation logo is ideal for businesses that combine genetic engineering with plants and animals. It basically shows that your company or start-up is or will be working for the environment to find friendly solutions. You will find green being used in many of the scientific logos as well with unique typography, symbols and shapes, you can have a one-of-a-kind design.


Shades of blue are a popular choice in IT logos and you may have often seen this color in technology logos and security companies. Since in biology, blue is usually related to water and marine life, the color represents such businesses in biotechnology too. If you already are or planning to work with marine biotech or resources from the ocean, then it will be the right choice for your business.

Neutral Tones in Logos for Biotech Brands

Usually, these colors which are white, grey, black or brown, are used in the background. However, you will see a lot of greys and whites in biotechnology logo designs too.

White or Grey

In a biological systems brand symbol, white and grey colors show that the business or company is related to industrial work with the use of cells and living organisms. The neutral tones will help make your logo design different from other chemical logos.

With our logo design contest, you can be sure our designers will select the best color for your biotech company. They are trained professionals who will offer you creativity, variety and unique designs that will make your brand recognizable anywhere.

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