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illustrative wine and spirit shop logos

Wine and Spirit Shop Logos That Stand Out

Drinking alcohol is a part of Western culture and one which is on a perpetual rise. According to an article in The Telegraph alcohol consumption in Britain has doubled since the 1960s. Considering how deeply etched the act of drinking is in our society, one can safely assume that the graph for alcohol consumption will always be slanting upward. "Drinking, as we have already noted, is essentially a social act, subject to a variety of rules and norms regarding who may drink what, when, where, with whom and so on," says an article article by SIRC (Social Issues Research Centre) which talks about the social and cultural aspects of alcohol.

This admiration for alcohol puts wine sellers in the spotlight but with more and more wine and spirit shops springing up, this business is turning more competitive than lucrative. Wine sellers are struggling to stand out amongst the crowd. Owners of bars and pubs who paid very little attention to branding in the past are now investing more time and money in the creation of logos. Wine sellers are also catching up but not as competitively as bars and pubs which are drawing in crowds with catchy logos and brand identities. At ZillionDesigns, we feel that alcohol sellers should also create some stimulating wine and spirit shop logos to attract customers. Food for thought - take a look at some interesting bar and pub logos below.

Add an element which relates to wine

Did you notice that almost all the bar and pub logos above include a symbol which creates a direct link with what they sell. It is good for wine and spirit shop logos to project the same because they immediately let your audience know that you are in the business of selling wine. This association is important because the retail industry is very vast and includes many different kinds of shops. You do not want a logo which leaves your customers or potential customers confused about what you sell. See the Metro Liquor Stores graphic created by Morad Media as an example:

The logo uses the silhouette of buildings in tilted lines in a square while giving the illusion of bottle tops in negative space. The designer also writes the words Metro and Liquor in thin font to give it a modern effect. Other associations which you can use are: wine glasses, martini glasses, beer bottles, steins, grapes, grape vines and corkscrews.

Don't hesitate to use bright colors

The good thing about owning wine and spirit shop is that you have more room to use a variety of colors to make your brand identity to look more attractive. An appropriate example for this is the logo for Wine Mosaic and Spirits by Floris Voorveld, a Dutch freelance graphic designer living in Spain:

You are free to explore the color palette when creating your shop logo so they match the industry trend but do keep in mind that you should not overuse colors which are either too masculine or too feminine. This is necessary so that you do not attract only one gender to your shop. Drinking is a social activity which is indulged in by both men and women alike, so your logo must cater to your market at large.

Choose a professional font

Colors you can play around with, but fonts are something you need to be careful about when getting a logo design for your spirit shop. In case you haven't noticed, all of the logos displayed above have used formal fonts in the design. This is because drinking is an adult activity, and you surely cannot attract adults by using informal fonts. Another reason to use professional fonts is to avoid attracting kids and teenagers to your shop - many Western countries are repeatedly dealing with cases of underage drinking as it is!

Add a humorous touch

Using serious fonts does not mean that you cannot create a fun profile. This is a little tricky to do but if you think broadly you may be able to add some humorous aspect to your brand image. Keep in mind that the name of your shop is instrumental if you want to create a fun logo. If you have a serious name then it will be hard to add a humorous aspect to it. Fun and creative wine shop logos are easier to create when the name of the shop gives room for creativity or if it includes a word with dual meanings that graphic designers can experiment with.

Remember, the purpose of your logo is to get noticed. We hope that you found our tips helpful and are able to use them to create powerful logos for your wine store.

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