How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales With Brochure Design

By Raquel Addams , Apr 27 2018
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When it comes to marketing your products or services, brochures can be very powerful. They can be the key to connecting you with your desired customer, and they can help you forge an emotional bond with the reader, making them act the way you want i.e. by buying your product for example. However, for this to happen, your brochure needs to be designed in a very effective manner, both in terms of its text and visual design. It needs to grab the attention of a potential reader, create a sustained interest, and finally evoke a desire to take action. In this article, we will detail some of the features that can help your brochure gain all of these qualities.

1. Keep It Simple And Functional

Functionality and simplicity should always be the hallmark of your brochure design. Different industries or products will need different kinds of brochures. For example, an educational institution may benefit from a book-style brochure, while an art gallery will benefit from a whacky, pop out brochure perhaps. Functionality means your target audience and target message is kept in mind, and your design is reflective of that. When your brochure is functional, it correctly assesses the needs of your audience, and hence, resonates with them.

Similarly, a simple design will create a greater impact. Brochures that are too wordy or over-the-top fail to create a lasting impression – in fact, they may not even be read till the end.

Keep It Simple And Functional
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2. Consider Using Innovative Materials And Textures

You have to remember that a brochure acts as a touch point between you and your customer. This means it is also your chance to impress them. Why not do it by designing your brochure in innovative materials? For example, using eco-friendly materials may give a very positive impression on your audience. It can convey some important messages about your service and your product; primarily the fact that you believe in a higher set of values, and are committed to delivering those to your customers.

Similarly, you can also experiment with texture. For example, your paint swatches can be displayed as textured paper inside your brochure, marketing your paint, while introducing a novel element at the same time. Such attention to detail in material and texture can evoke a deep emotional response –it can create a positive feeling which predisposes the reader to action.

Consider Using Innovative Materials And Textures
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3. Make It Fun

Nobody likes boring brochures. Those are exactly the kind we toss out. Think differently –think fun! When you introduce an element of fun in your brochures, you are not only able to grab attention, but you are also able to sustain the reader’s interest and get them to read the whole thing.

There can be many ways to make your brochure fun –you can use catchy colors, 3D pop-ups, die cuts, clever inserts etc. Introducing an element of interactive activity within the brochure can also make it fun –for instance, an insert which the reader must pull out and read before being able to move onto the next page!

4. Think Outside The Box In Terms Of Layout And Shapes

Your brochure does not need to be a rectangle or a square. You can experiment with an angular shape, or use irregular shapes and differently folding sections etc. You can experiment with various folding sequences or pull outs. All of this gives the reader a positive outlook –when they see how creative you have been with your brochure, they will be more willing to try out your product because they expect it to be the same.

Think Outside The Box In Terms Of Layout And Shapes
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5. Design Brochures For Display

It is very important that you design your brochures according to the display. Brochures that will be thrown across the table will need to be designed very differently than those that will be displayed in a box or a holder. Similarly, brochures that will be stacked will need to have a different set of qualities. When you are using a box to hold up the brochures, there is more room for experimentation with 3D planes, angles, and shapes. However, a brochure that is stacked or strewn needs to make its case through its front cover.

6. Use Effective Headlines – Readable And Catchy

Inevitably, your brochure is going to be a lot of the copy that is written. In fact, the copy ends up being the most significant thing, as this is the medium that delves out important information to your customer. Good brochures make use of snappy headlines on the front cover and section breaks –this allows the user to orient themselves around important sections and to rest their attention on specific points.

Designers should make sure the headlines are also visually catchy –appropriate font styles and sizes, as well as font colors, are essential to this.

Use Effective Headlines – Readable And Catchy
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7. Use Product Images

Use images that are meaningful to the customer. Having a photograph of your business facility on the cover of your brochure is not going to help. However, having actual product images can be very intriguing. It is important that you use every inch of your brochure to convince the customer about the superiority of your service/product.

Use Product Images
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8. Call To Action

Needless to say, including a call to action is essential. You need to explicitly tell your reader what you want them to do. Ask them to try out the product you are offering, to call you up for more information, to book a free consultation –whatever it is, just state it outright –or else you may risk losing a potential customer.

Call To Action
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You can make the Call to Action visually stand out by means of colored sections or boxes!

9. Make It Easy To Get Back & Respond

Your brochure should be very easy to navigate –and this means it should clearly provide essential contact information, such as your website, phone number, email etc. Having this information in places where it is visible, is essential. This ensures your reader is able to follow your Call to Action.

Make It Easy To Get Back & Respond
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10. Design The Brochure To Be A Keepsake

And finally, who says that the brochure needs to be thrown away? To generate an even greater emotional response, design your brochure to double up as something useful. Not only will this reflect your thoughtfulness, but your customers will also feel cared for. For instance, your brochure can double up as the local subway map, or as an eco-friendly sandwich wrap –be creative! Surprise your audience!

These are just some suggestions to help you think more creatively about your brochure. Remember, a brochure can help you rocket your sales and leave a long-lasting impression if you do it right!

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