Pro-Rick Perry T-shirt design

Design a Pro-Rick Perry T-shirt

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Project: Pro-Rick Perry T-shirt design
Industry: Apparel Logo
Contest Launched: Oct 14, 2011
Selected: 1 winning design from 100 concepts
Winning Design by: designbe
Close Date: Oct 27, 2011

Pro-Rick Perry T-shirt design  - Apparel

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Creative Brief

Pro-Rick Perry T-shirt design

Design a Pro-Rick Perry T-shirt

T-shirt design needed in support of Rick Perry, geared towards the 2012 election. In your design you may display his name, likeness, any relevant taglines or slogans that Rick Perry is known for - or create your own. We are looking for a unique, creative, fashion-forward design, so go beyond the typical campaign T-shirt. Your design should be original (and can span any style, such as illustration, purely graphic, abstract etc.) and should not look like other Perry T-shirts you’ve seen on the market. Think in the mind of the T-shirt buyer – if you were shopping for a Pro-Perry T-shirt, what would make you pull the trigger and buy?


Fun retail/consumer audience focus. Audience consists of politically minded folks (focused on ages 18-34) who strive to be distinctive with unique and expressive apparel choices.

• Design should be within a 10” x 10” frame (2000 pixels at 200 DPI x 2000 pixels at 200 DPI) <br /> <br /> • T-shirt can have no more than 3 colors per your designer’s eye <br /> <br /> • Design should be centered in the middle of the T-shirt <br /><br /> • Copy can include Pro-Bachmann slogans or quotes (or no copy at all). Get creative.<br /><br /> • Design should be impactful, colorful, unique and fun.<br /><br /> • Design should be versatile to be able to be printed on light colors (white, light blue) as well as dark colors (black, red &amp; more). <br /><br /> • Please do not use photography (unless you own it/took the photos yourself). <br /><br /> • No use of any content owned or controlled by a third party. <br /><br /> • No profanity, vulgar, hate language or graphically violent images. <br /><br />

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  • October 25, 2011 7:52 PM
    Marketees Marketees
      Project Holder
    Hello Designers, Please make sure your designs are no more than 3 colors, also please keep in mind that the design should to be versatile enough to be printable on both dark and light T-shirts. Thanks!!

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  • October 21, 2011 12:32 PM
    Marketees Marketees
      Project Holder
    Hello Designers, Here is a little bit more feedback. We judge on uniqueness overall for the design and the slogan. A little bit of research can go far here, so looking up candidates quotes is a great way to find or create a unique slogan. . .creativity is key here. Also, we want the shirt to stand out, so if you see someone wearing it, you instantly can distinguish it's a US Presidential Candidate supporter wearing the T-shirt with a awesome design/slogan. Thanks for your participation!

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  • October 17, 2011 5:10 PM
    Marketees Marketees
      Project Holder
    Please use the information below for assistance: Logo: http://www.rickperry.org/ Slogans to consider: “A great country requires great direction” “Cleaning up Washington’s mess” “Together we can get America working again”

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