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By Raquel Addams , Aug 30 2018
Bizarre Fonts

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Fonts are one of the most important aspects in every typography and everyone intends to use unique and striking fonts to demonstrate their content and writing at its best. However, some designers take it to another level by creating some extremely unusual and unique typefaces. In this blog, we will be discussing some of these unique concepts created by talented designers.

1) The “Cigarette Butt” Font

Welcome to the real world. Everyone smokes around here, don’t they? This unique font was created by Vladimir Koncar, a talented Croatian designer currently living and working in Zagreb. Koncar made all the alphabets and numbers in his font out of smoked cigarettes! You can make use of this font to say something smoky! 😉

Cigarette Butt Font
Image Source: Handmadefont

2) Wind By Hansje Van Halem

Wind is very first typeface published by the graphic designer Hansje van Halem from Amsterdam. Her art is highly experimental and likewise in this typeface, she has used a wide variety of vivid colors and detailed patterns for creating unique optical illusions. The result is a vast variety of vibrant and hypnotic patterns.

Wind By Hansje Van Halem
Image Source: Typotheque

The Wind typeface offers four static styles: NE, SW, NW and SE. Apart from this, it also allows users to create variable fonts that can be subjected to a full 360 degree of rotation. Thus, Wind offers various possibilities for creating distinct textural patterns.

3) Galapagos By Felix Salut + Dinamo

This unique typeface was invented by Felix Salut as an accompanying prop for his 2014 short film. It’s been created on the basis of the Galapagos Game. The Galapagos Typeface composes of 7 different alphabet styles attained from 9 modules: Straight, Rounded, Angular, Rounded-Straight, Rounded-Angular, Straight-Angular and Rounded-Straight-Angular. This results in a total of 70 distinct typefaces with each style originating in 5 different weights, accompanied with Grid and No-Grid versions. The characters can easily be moved up and down along a vertical grid using Stylistic Sets. The release of the font is followed by the launch of the App, which introduces the Galapagos cosmos in an innovative manner.

Galapagos Font
Image Source: Uxfree

The Galapagos TypeFace is home to a wide and unique range of characters just like the Galapagos Islands being host to a vast variety of distinct species.

4) Leg Hair Font

This bizarre and unique idea of creating a font out of leg hair was proposed and implemented by Mayuko Kanazawa, a student at Tama Art University of Japan. She had been given the task of creating a distinct typeface with no computer or technology involved. Thus, she came up with this idea to photograph leg hair transformed into various characters. She didn’t use any added technology for it and her camera was the only thing that she made use of for capturing the font.

Leg Hair Font
Image Source: Petapixel

5) The “Phone Streak”

The “Phone Streak” is the latest innovative addition to the list of unique font styles created. This font was created by means of a technique called “light painting”. This involved using a Canon 5D DSLR to capture a few-seconds exposure while waving the iPhone through the air as the only light source present in a dark room. Astonishingly, Marcus Byrne- the original designer of the font, was able to create a series of characters through his experiment.

He holds the opinion that creating patterns out of the phone lights wasn’t as easy as it seems and he had to go through a few techniques to immediately hide the iPhone after a second of the stroke and then re-position it accordingly within a matter of seconds.

Nonetheless, this unique font is fun to play around with!

6) Font Created From Neymar’s World Cup Falls

Luciano Jacob, a Brazilian artist, has created a unique font that is composed of patterns made out of Brazilian football star Neymar’s falls in the recent FIFA WorldCup 2018. The footballer’s dives were a hot topic of discussion during the worldcup and fans were busy in mocking these falls. However, Luciano observed these dives from a different perspective and noticed the similarities between Neymar’s diving patterns and the general alphabets. Thus, this amazingly unique font came into existence!

Neymars Falls Font
Image Source: Digitalsynopsis

7) The “PissJar” Typeface

A Swedish punkbank, namely Pissjar, has created their own unique font typeface using patterns of their urine. According to the band, they peed almost 300 times to create the patterns for constituting this font, named as “PissJar Sans”.


Thus, we have discussed and displayed some of the most unusual and bizarre fonts created by talented Designers from all around the world. All of these fonts are amusing to use and certainly add extra exposure to your content.

Will You Use Any Of These Fonts On Your Designs?



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