20 Typography Instagram Accounts To Follow Based On Design Categories

By Raquel Addams , Nov 6 2017

Featured Image: freepik

Every design junkie knows typography can make or break your design. And while this provides a pretty solid reason for making typography your thing, let us just admit that playing with letters is also downright addictive once you get the hang of it.

So if you’re hungry for some inspiration, or just want some typographic eye candy, here is a list of some of our most favorite Instagram accounts that feature letters.  Happy endless swiping!

Logo/Branding Typography

1. Allen Peters

This logo designer and branding officer from a US-based design company have tons of creative typography on this page, especially ideas for custom type in branding and logo design. You’ll also get loads of ideas for executing type in different colors, along with different design elements!

allen peters typography logos
Image Source: Instagram/Allan Peters

2. Young Jerks

Boyish designs, custom fonts, badges, logos and a lot more to appeal to your wild, wayward side. You will find a range of typographic inspiration; from hand lettering to modern serifs and even decorative types.

Young Jerks typography logos
Image Source: Instagram/Young Jerks

3. Deus Customs

Typographic context can make a lot of difference in the energy of design. Deus Customs is eye-candy for the typography lover because not only does it showcase typographic variations, it also shows you how typography can make a mark on products, and its context.

branding typography
Image Source: Instagram/Deus Customs

4. Logo Paul

We love Logo Paul for exploring the mathematical, visual creativity in typography! If you need great insight into the process of logo design and how typography can be incorporated, this is a great page to follow. Tons of inspiration!

logo typeface
Image Source: Instagram/Logo Paul

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5. Kreatank

More typographic inspiration in the branding/logo design context. If you are a san-serif lover, this page will particularly appeal to your style.

typography in branding
Image Source: Instagram/Kreatank

6. Louise Fili

This New York-based designer has a penchant for hand-crafted, hand-painted typography. You will find calligraphic branding, metal signs, painted labels –and a modern style with a touch of vintage. The blend of past and present is just mouthwatering!

modern typography
Image Source: Instagram/Louise Fili


7. Olga Muzician

This Ukranian lettering queen actually started off as a painter, but meandered into graphic design soon afterward, and are we glad that she did! She has a way to make letters sing –and you will find a distinct painterly style to her typographic creations.

Black and white typography
Image Source: Instagram/Olga Muzician

8. Feather Park Lettering

Ethereal, dreamy and pristine –this is how this watercolor and lettering artists, Gina, makes you feel. If you need inspiration for calligraphic styles coupled with watercolored texture, this is the page to follow!

galaxy typography
Image Source: Instagram/Feather Park Lettering

9. Cre8tive Sun

Another watercolor and letting artist –what we love about her page is the explosion of color and the use of cursive styles. There is a lot of typographic inspiration for posters, quotes and badges –and for your own side projects!

leaf typography
Image Source: Instagram/Cre8tive Sun

10. Ora Arts

Typography in black and white can be tricky –because there is no color pleading for the case of the typeface, and the attention is solely focused on the way the letters look and feel. Ora Arts features black and white typography –all hand-lettered. Amazing styles and great compositions!

hand lettering
Image Source: Instagram/Ora Arts

11. Juantastico

Big, bold graffiti style typographic explorations! They are sure to get your adrenaline roaring. If you want to see the energy of letters, check this artist out!

Image Source: Instagram/Juantastico


12. Atypecal

Atypecal has a penchant for blending everyday objects with type. It is an amazingly creative way to explore typography.

Mundane object typography
Image Source: Instagram/Atypecal

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13. NSFW Letters

Textures- lots and lots of typographic textures. NSFW’s word art is bold, quirky and well-put together. It also features monochromes, which is a great theme to explore typography with.

Glass painting typography
Image Source: Instagram/NSFW Letters

14. Jessica Hische

Illustrative, decorative styles fit for icons, branding, logo design or just some typographic eye-candy. If you want to fall in love with spiraled lettering, this is the place to be!

Image Source: Instagram/Jessica Hische

15. The Letterbug London

When this letterbug bites you, you are sure to get the letter fever! The Letterbug London creates custom, hand-painted initials, rendered in an illustration style. It is going to give you great ideas for typography in the illustrative context.

Hand painted typography
Image Source: Instagram/The Letterbug London

3D Typography

16. Good Type

Good type features some great hand-lettering –although in a very different way. Here you will find 3D renditions of typefaces that are just perfect for use in branding and advertisements. The best part is these visuals are hand created and then photographed. There are so many textures, you are sure to fall in love!

3D Typography
Image Source: Instagram/Good Type

17. Zachary Host

Another dose of 3D typography. See how the letters can be made to come to life with the use of real-life materials! Great inspiration for typography, photography, and branding!

3D typography design
Image Source: Instagram/Zachary Host

18. Owen Gilder Sleeve

Paper and typography –these are the themes of Owen Gilder Sleeve’s Instagram page. The hand-crafted details are amazing, and the exploration of color, texture, shapes, form along with typography is just mind-blowing!

Colorful Shadow Type
Image Source: Instagram/Owen Gilder Sleeve

19. Machin East

Mechanical 3D Lettering –that is the Machin East’s penchant. Not only will this page provide tons of inspiration for custom fonts, it also shows how typographic styles can suit certain themes –such as the mechanical theme!

experimental typography
Image Source: Instagram/Machin East

20. Victor Bregante

And finally, if you want to see computer renditions of 3D typography that look amazingly realistic, this is the page to follow!

3D experimental typography
Image Source: Instagram/Victor Bregante

We hope this list will provide you with your daily fix of typography! Let us know which one you loved the most!



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