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Common Themes in Wellness Center Logos

Symbolizing Growth

The main focus of any wellness center, whether it's focused on exercise, nutrition, or something else, is the growth of the inner self. This means a character development of sorts. You can symbolize this growth by using leaves, flowers, trees, and other natural emblems. These would also lend a fresh look to your logo with their cool colors.


Another theme that's common for wellness centers is to focus on agelessness, youth, and vitality. These organizations are usually geared towards helping their clients feel young and in the pink of health, both mentally and physically.

You should hence look into symbols that define agelessness and good health. An infinity symbol, a lotus flower, or a fountain would be excellent choices here. You can also choose to include some images of fruit or a heart in order to signify good health.

Calming Effect

Many wellness centers emphasize an uncluttered mind as a way towards peace. The same philosophy should come forth in your logo, with a straightforward lotus flower or a triangle being the focal point. You can use negative space here as well. The simplicity will also help in accurately resizing the logo and utilizing it in a variety of mediums. The best wellness center logo will likely require a professional graphic design company or designer. Be sure to consult one for making your logo the best one possible.

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