10 Illustration Covered Packaging Designs To Toggle Your Creativity On

By Aamina Suleman , Aug 29 2019
Illustration Covered Packaging Designs

Featured Image: Behance

Who says illustrators aren’t in demand? Well, maybe you haven’t seen them work. Here’s a good list of packaging designs that seem like they’re hand drawn.

While there is a popular belief that illustrators are not paid half as good as other creatives, which also may be true to some extent, the point is that there are an infinite number of illustrations out there that are simply awe-inspiring.

Thanks to the internet, we can savor a variety of illustrative works of designers from all over the world through websites that display quality projects. Illustrations on packaging designs is one of the fairly newer packaging design trends and brands from various industries are tapping into this style. 

The illustrations on the different product labels and packagings can vary in styles and colors. It depends on the target audience, the illustrator’s aesthetics, and the brand’s creative brief.

The Crayola Style Summer

Glam and summer vibes penetrate through this packaging design. The illustrations seem like they’ve been created using crayons and I don’t know about you but the first thing that came to my mind was Crayola. Unlike the super-skinny versions of women in the design industry, in general, this one can be used with the hashtag #bodypositive. It’s a nice gift for your bae. It has been designed by Paris-based illustrator Alice Des.

The Crayola Style Summer Alice Des
Image Source: behance/Alice Des

Another illustration design for the same brand is more on the pop-art side. This one is created by illustrator Xaviera Altena. The bright contrasting colors grab your attention from afar. What do you think?

The Crayola Style Summer Xaviera Altena
Image Source: behance/Xaviera Altena

Comic Strip Storytelling

Graphic tales have always intrigued young minds, and this is a perfectly good example of packaging showcasing how stories can excite people to pick up the pouch and start to read if nothing else. These comic book style storytelling illustrations are designed by Harry’s design director Scott Newlin. If you notice, each pouch has a limited color palette hence putting emphasis more on the story.

Comic Strip Storytelling Scott Newlin
Image Source: behance/Scott Newlin

Cultural Branding Packaging

These packaging labels and tags are designed for a venture named CHARU, which aims to promote the “indigenous farming and cooking practices of Pakistan” as per the project page. Such is the packaging design that it wants to appeal to the new generation and make its room in the urban landscape. Lahore-based designer and illustrator Shehzil Malik created the doodle-like colorful illustrations.

Cultural Branding Packaging Shehzil Malik
Image Source: behance/Shehzil Malik

Illustrative Lantern Bag

Look at the illustrations, they reimagine a classic fable for children. The box is a lantern with a string to hold or hang. It is an interesting idea that resonates festivity. The illustrations on the box were akin to those found in contemporary children’s books. Design agency The Purpose Group collaborated with illustrator An Nguyen to design this limited-edition packaging for mooncakes.

Illustrative Lantern Bag An Nguyen
Image Source: behance/An Nguyen

The Bird-Fruit Duo Drawing

Who doesn’t like birds? They’re chirpy and cute. Illustrator Elina Barseghyan alongside other designers created an adorable range of packaging for Beak Pick products including dried fruits, compotes, teas and preserves. If you look closer the bird illustrations are fused with fruits and vegetables that consist in the food item. I think it is an outstanding idea that is beautifully executed.

The Bird Fruit Duo Drawing Elina Barseghyan
Image Source: behance/Elina Barseghyan

Ancient Style Illustration

From first impression the design attracts viewers and engages them to discover more about not just the brand but the culture it is displaying. It’s a reminiscent of history with a modern visual taste. Actually, it is inspired by the traditions of Sicily. Designer and illustrator Anna Rodighiero fashioned this packaging for handcrafted chocolates Assai for an Aztec touch.

Ancient Style Illustration Anna Rodighiero
Image Source: behance/Anna Rodighiero

Floral Topical Art

The design sets a bright and fresh visual air and insinuates a tropical atmosphere. Illustrator Tatiana Boyko’s work on this exotic packaging design for a sparkling drink brand gives the brand a magical feel with a contrasting and nature-inspired foliage.

Floral Topical Art Tatiana Boyko
Image Source: behance/Tatiana Boyko

Mysterious Forest Look

You see this packaging and it feels like you’ve entered a folk tale. Illustrators Narine Avanesyan and Varduhi Antonyan along with photographers and graphic designers have created a moss like theme showcasing dense forest and witch-craft swirly tree branches translated into an Art Noveau style.

Mysterious Forest Look Varduhi Antonyan Narine Avanesyan
Image Source: behance/MAROG, Varduhi Antonyan & Narine Avanesyan

Outa’ Hell Graphic

It’s fit for the Halloween season, which is in two months. Don’t you think? Crossbones and skull come from the late medieval ages to symbolize death. Miopia, an illustration design agency created a packaging design screaming horror and violence for a food delivery service.

Outa Hell Graphic Miopia
Image Source: behance/Miopia

Which among these inspiring illustrative packaging designs do you like the best?

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