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two figures sparring in martial arts logo
ninja doing a front kick in martial arts logo
letters C, M and F in round martial arts logo with red, yellow and black belts
martial arts logo wiith lion, yin and yang, samurai sword and a figure doing forms or stance

Master the Tradition of Martial Arts Logo Symbols

The martial arts revolve around respect, resilience, honor, self-control, and discipline. Your martial arts logo design should hence represent these values along with conveying something about what your martial arts training does. The brand message should be a serious one, so funny cartoons aren't recommended. Martial arts logos are a representation of the Oriental cultures as well, so it's important to show respect for those instead of flippancy.

The target audience for your logo would be people who want to enroll in martial arts classes or take part in a competition. So if you're offering a course of karate classes, the specific uniform or belt should be on your logo in order to avoid any confusion or misleading information.

Along with the symbols, the colors used should be powerful and contrasting, like black and white or bright red. This would immediately give off a sense of activity, strength, and oriental tradition. For instance, a yin-yang symbol would give the impression of a Kung Fu practice right away. Two figures in a combat position might also be good symbols in martial arts logos. You can also use the flag colors of the origin country for the kind of martial arts offered.

The fonts used in your martial arts logo should not exceed two in number, in order to avoid confusion. The fonts should also be straight and easy to read, like Serif or Sans Serif. It might be a good idea to add some text in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean in order to convey the martial arts effect even further. However, you should make sure that the text is meaningful and not a random series of words.

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