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The Role of Negative Space in Motorsport Logos

Last year 2017, the well-known motorsports brand Formula 1 did away with its 1994 logo and launched another one in order to reflect a revamped image. The change didn't go down well, as the old logo was recognized by fans, with the clever use of negative space making a highly positive impression.

If you're also trying to make a lasting and memorable motorsport logo for your automobile, sports car, or racing track company, you may want to consider using negative space for extra effect. Take a look at the following reasons why negative space is useful for a motorsports logo:

1. Understanding Negative Space

2. Subtle yet Simple

In a motorsport logo, you have to be careful to make your message stand out. Keep it simple enough so that consumers would be able to see both the negative and positive space without too much effort. This requires simple fonts, aligned layering, and proper spacing.

Once a viewer figures out the message in the negative space, the whole logo would take on a new level of meaning. It makes customers feel included and perhaps part of a little secret. Since motorsport fans have a strong bond with their favorite brand, having this additional connection would make them happier.

3. Memorable

One someone notices the negative space shape or text, they would be more likely to remember the motorsport logo later on. This is useful for a company in the motorsports industry, as there are people rooting for certain brands over others. Achieving the proper use of negative space takes talent and effort. You can play it safe by engaging expert logo design company to make the best motorsport logo using negative space.

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