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hockey logo with two axes crossed over a shield
pirate captain holding a hocky stick in logo
maple leaf with puck in hockey logo
building with star in hockey logo

Setting Your Team Apart with a Unique Hockey Logo Design

Hockey logos have an almost sacred importance when it comes to this particular sport. Some places even have rules banning anyone from walking on the hockey logo on the floor. From this, we can infer just what emotions are attached to a logo for hockey teams. The target audience here is the fans and the team itself.

Having a unique hockey logo design is essential in order to set you apart from the myriad of other hockey teams. You hence need to use powerful, vivid colors and unique symbols to immediately convey your message. If your team has a lion for a mascot, for example, you can use a roaring lion's head for the main element in your hockey logo. If possible, you may also include two crossed hockey sticks or a puck somewhere in order to differentiate between this and other sports. This would be necessary if the logo is for a minor team that's looking for players or wants to sell tickets to a game. We want everyone to get the impression of hockey when they look at this logo. If your team message is focused on inspiring loyalty, the vivid colors and strong symbols should also cater to this need.

The font for a hockey team logo should be easily readable without seeming too childish. You can choose from Bookman Old Style, Sans Serif, and other similar styles here. Make sure the letters stand out on paper, on web pages, and any merchandise that might use it to raise funds for the team.

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