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For any business, the first impression it creates on its customers is always of utmost importance, and your logo definitely counts as that first impression. For healthcare organizations and hospitals, creating an effective and professional brand logo that can create a strong first impression is essential. However, creating a good logo for the medical industry is a tricky task to achieve and often, a lot of mistakes are made. To help you get a good logo design, these common mistakes are explained here so that you can keep them out of your logos.

1) Creating a Logo Using a Stock Art Design

Using stock art in medical logos is a common practice but one that can negatively affect the credibility of your logo. For medical logos to be effective, they have to be exclusive, distinctive and original but that cannot be achieved if you are using a stock art in your logo. It gives the impression that you simply used a generic idea created by someone else, leaving little uniqueness to your design. On the other hand, coming up with a unique element, even if it is simple, can create a much better impression of the medical organization on the patients and other clients.

caduceus symbol in healthcare logo

2) Using Overly Complex Medical Symbols in Logos

Creating designs that have extremely intricate details can lose their effectiveness when they are seen from afar and they also offer a limited amount of scalability, especially when they have to be printed in all type of sizes marketing materials. It is important to keep your healthcare and hospital logo distinctive yet uncomplicated so that it can be more memorable to people. If your logo is not memorable, people will forget easily about it once it is out of sight and you would not be able to create an ever-present brand image in the mind of your clients. If your logo is not simple enough to be understood easily by people, it is not going to work well for your brand

3) Creating Logos that are Dependent on Color Effects

If your logo does not look effective without colors, it is going to cause you a lot of trouble when you need to scale it or shift it to different backgrounds. To design a good healthcare logo. It should always be created first in black and white colors to check its effectiveness in the simplest form. If it looks good in these two basic colors, you can fill it up with colors of your choice later. This adds versatility to your logo and ensures that it stays recognizable even when created in different layouts. You can easily experiment with colors if you create your logo design in this way.

4) Using Poorly Selected Fonts in Logos

Another common mistake that is observed in most medical logos is the failure to maintain the balance between the icon and the font size. In the end, the logo has either one of the elements overpowering the other instead of emphasizing it. This makes font selection for your logo an extremely critical task. For a logo to be effective, it is important to select a logo that matches well with the icon you have used in a perfectly balanced way. However, both the elements should be strong enough to maintain their identity when they stand on their own.

font types for hospital and healthcare logo design

5) Using Too Many Fonts in Your Logo

Another common mistake that is mostly made in designing healthcare and hospital logos is the use of too many fonts. This makes the logo highly cluttered and put a sense of overload on the mind of anyone who glances at it. This makes it difficult for people to process your complete brand logo at first impression, affecting their ability to remember your logo. The best practice to create better visibility in your logo and make it effective for brand recognition is to use no more than two fonts in your identity design. Anything beyond that will just put the effectiveness of your logo at risk and does not create a very professional impact.

stone skipping over water healthcare logo
hands health care logo design
swoosh people and caduceus healthcare logo

6) Creating a Generic Logo

Your logo should always represent what your service offering is so using an icon in your logo that is too generic and does not represent anything can create ambiguity. The logo for a hospital or healthcare organization should always represent the practice clearly. If you are using an icon that is not specific, your customer would most likely forget about it at the earliest and would not relate it with your brand at a later time.

7) Not Catering to Your Specialty in the Logo

For a healthcare logo, it is important to be appropriate for their target audience and using designs that they can relate with. Using icons that are modern and funky won't work well for a medical logo. Also, making logos that are gender specific can be a bad idea unless you are catering to specific target audience. Before using any design aspect, keep your target audience in mind.

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