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If you start searching for a logo design online, you will come across several offers claiming a good design for $5 or so. However, the only thing you should do with such offers is to avoid them. Even now that logo designing is highly underrated, $5 is too good to be true and most of the time it is not true indeed. Know, designers who put forward such offers are unethical, because it is not possible to get a good and valuable design in that price. You can get cheap designs for your coaching and counseling service company easily today but investing in a more professional one is always worth it

What Should You Check In A Logo?

The first thing you should know is what makes a good logo design. You can decide that by asking yourself a few questions when you look at a design:

  • Can you describe and remember the logo once it is out of sight?
  • Can the design be used without any color in black and white?
  • Will it look equally effective in different sizes?
  • Is it a good representation of your company's attitude, character and personality?
  • Does it look credible and familiar so that audience can relate with it?
  • Does it associate your company with satisfaction and quality?

All these factors are an essential requirement of a good logo. These are truly the things that differentiate professional designs from cheap ones. Unfortunately, someone offering you one for $5 is unlikely to give as much thought to the logo design process required to come up with good designs that can fulfill all these requirements.

The Design Process - What It Includes

If you are wondering why a cheap logo design cannot be trusted, take a look at the design process and you will be able to answer your own question. Here is what a good design involves:

Creating a Design Brief

The first thing that needs to be done is creating a comprehensive design brief. Designers will usually give you a questionnaire, asking as much as they can about your coaching and counseling service company. Some would also hold a formal meeting before they start working on the designs to learn about your company and services in details.

Conducting Research

Based on the information you have provided, the designer would do a bit of research about your audience, the industry and your successful competitors. The brand designs of your successful competitors can be a good source of inspiration for them.

Taking Industry References

Industry references are taken next to see what has worked in the past and which designs have failed to make an impact on your audience. This will help designers avoid the mistakes others have made and get inspiration from the current designing trends in the industry.

Sketching and concept

Your designer will then come up with some sketches based around the concepts they have gained from their research. They will present these concept-based sketches to you and will ask you to select a concept that you like.


Once they complete a design, they will present it to you. A good designer will always deliver more than one file of your coaching and counseling service logo to check its usability for different applications.

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If you approve the designs, and give positive and effective feedback, the project is then closed. If not, they work on different designs, to come up with something that you will love.

Looking at all this procedure, do you think it is possible for someone to do all that for $5? Definitely not. Therefore, expecting a good and effective design for your company from a designer offering his service for $5 is not wise. A good design can cost you well above $200 but considering the fact that it is going to be used as a symbol of your brand for years to come, it is a worthy investment.

Why Invest In a Good Logo?

If you are wondering why investing in an expensive logo is so stressed upon, keep in mind that it is the first impression someone is going to get of your company. Also, a logo needs to last for years as your brand's identity so it has to be created in a timeless manner. The design you use for your coaching and counseling service logo should look professional, original and well-designed. So, a $5 logo is definitely not a good way to get started with your brand building, nor is a $100 one for that matter.

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