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How to Stay on Top with Logo Design in Numbers: 101 Stats and Facts

Logo designing and branding is a vibrant industry with a history and present worth cherishing. Here are a few notable statistics, discoveries, and facts about logos and brands that you may or may not have known.

Visual Elements of Logos

General Facts

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Brand Facts

Logo Design Dimensions/Sizes

Logo Industry

Logo Design Marketing

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Logo Design Copyright/Trademark

Logo Lawsuits

  • In 2010, a case was filed against Nike’s logo stating it resembles the 1957 logo of cigarette brand Newport.
  • $ 5 million lawsuit was filed against singer Cher for copying designer Moshik Nadav's logo typography in 2017.
  • 6,000 pounds lawsuit was filed by Starbucks against a local coffee stall in Bangkok that copied the brand's logo.
  • In 2008, Victoria School of Business and Technology was sued by Apple for using the icon of an apple in its logo.

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Logo Design Crowdsourcing

Logo Design Awards

  • Out of 1,200 submissions 20 entries won in HOW Logo Design Awards in 2017.
  • 58% votes were garnered by Ad Victorem logo in the logo design category of HOW Design Awards via Reader’s Choice voting in 2018.
  • 600 regional, national and international graphic design awards have been received by identity designer, Jeff Fisher.
  • 40 design awards have been won by the famous FedEx logo.

Logo Design Education

  • Out of 320 postsecondary schools offering art and design under The National Association of School of Art and Design (NASAD) only a few concentrate on logo design.

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Costs

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Logo Design History

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Logo Designers And Logos

  • 1960's London-based design agency Wolff Olins re-introduced pictorial symbols in branding.
  • In 1969, Salvador Dali designed the logo for Spanish lollipop company, Chupa Chups.
  • In 1920, a BP employee AR Sanders designed the first BP logo that won in a company competition.
  • In 1948, Walt Disney designed the Toys for Tots train logo and its poster.
  • In 1961, Paul Rand designed the iconic United Parcel Service (UPS) logo.
  • Until 2008, the Pepsi Globe logo resembled the Taegeuk symbol widely used in South Korea.
  • In 1976, the first Apple logo was designed by Ronald Wayne, referred to as the third co-founder of the company.
  • In 1962, McDonald’s hired psychologist Louis Cheskin who suggested the golden arches "M" for the logo.
  • In 1998, the first multi-colored Google logo was designed by Sergey Brin using free tool GIMP.
  • In 1983, an award-winning designer created the AT&T logo that wasn’t changed until 2005.
  • The classic Coca-Cola wordmark has remained intact for over 130 years with some minor changes.
  • 34 years is the average lifespan of Saul Bass logo designs.
  • The 1972 IBM logo created by legendary brand designer Paul Rand hasn't been changed to date.
  • In 1953, freelance designer Art Paul was approached by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner to design the m logo of the new magazine, which has remained the same to this date.
  • The 2016 Uber logo created by CEO Travis Kalanick became the most controversial and hated logo of the decade.
  • Since 1976, the I Love New York, logo designed by Milton Glaser, has become the most used logo in the country.
  • The mid-1930’s 20th Century Fox logo was created by Emil Kosa, a special effects animator, which lasted until 1944.
  • The current Columbia Pictures logo was digitally created by artist Michael Deas.
  • The iconic 1997 crescent and boy logo of Dreamworks was the brainchild of filmmaker Steven Spielberg.
  • In 1868 founder Henri Nestle designed the Nestle logo based on his name's interpretation in German.




*This post was originally published on Logo Design Guru.